The Beauty Of Patina Jewelry

A patina is the layer that forms naturally on metals such as copper and bronze when exposed to air over a long period of time. This oxidation actually changes the color of the metal. People like these changes in color so much that they have devised all kinds of ways to hasten the process. Patina jewelry is created by using chemicals to accelerate oxidation. Many products created in this way are available from online stores today.

The delightful aspect of the oxidation process is that the colors produced vary greatly depending on which metal, technique or chemical is used. This creates one-of-a-kind items in many different colors, from a light turquoise to a deep umber. Even a verdigris finish like that on an old statues offers inspiration for items of jewelry such as a bronze verdigris coin on a chain.

Reds, greens, browns, purples and blues can all be created by using various chemicals and techniques. For example, a chemical called Liver of Sulfur is used to turn silver to gray or black. A household chemical like ammonia can be used to create the most brilliant blues on copper. Vinegar and salt can be used to produce a verdigris effect that is like the patina on statues that have been standing outdoors for years.

The different methods used may involve painting or spraying on chemical solutions. Metals may also be heated or immersed in a solution. Objects are even buried in mediums like cotton wool, coffee, sand and sawdust which are saturated with a specific solution.

Experimentation is often required to learn how to achieve a particular effect. The result is one-of-a-kind items with great character as even the designer does not always know what effect is going to be obtained. Ready-made chemical solutions are available too that offer effective, tried and tested results.

Designers are using many different objects and giving them all sorts of patinas that turn them into something special. From delicate teal colored butterfly earrings to an olive green leaf layered necklace, many items are suited to both formal and informal wear. The chains used in the necklaces and bracelets are also treated as are the ear wires on earrings to integrate with the look of the objects hanging from them.

One important factor to consider when purchasing such products is the way in which they have been finished. The fact that the colors are created by the process of oxidation means that they are unstable. They continue to oxidize over time when exposed to air and this means that the color can change. Proper sealing is required in order to stop this from happening.

Items of jewelry have a different dimension to them when patinas are added. The handiwork of nature is captured and recreated. Shopping online offers an opportunity to compare items and prices before making a choice. Choosing a reputable supplier ensures reliable service and an opportunity to get the best value for money.

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