Keeping Your Handmade Swarovski Bracelets Sparkling For A Long Time

Jewelry pieces adorned with dazzling Swarovski crystals can cause a lot of heads to turn towards your direction. It's easy to tell that you have exquisite taste when it comes to accessorizing if your own handmade Swarovski bracelets. No matter the occasion, venue or your mood, putting on these items can make you look unforgettable.

Treating them with lots of love is important if you want to ensure that they can be of service for a very long time. Those sparkling crystals are actually out of glass that can easily end up chipped or scratched if you're not careful. Further, the metal parts that complete these wrist accessories are plated. Because of this, it's definitely a good idea for you to keep your adored possessions from unnecessarily coming into contact with strong chemicals, water, oxygen and heat.

When not being used, it is a good idea to place your fashion accessories in the packaging that they came in when you purchased them. Worry not if their original containers are no longer around as you may simply place each one in a pouch out of cotton, velvet or any other soft fabric. Investing in a top-notch jewelry organizer is a wonderful idea especially if you wish to collect lots of them.

Habitually clean your precious accessories for the wrist just before you put them back in their respective storage areas. Doing so removes impurities on the surface that can leave the crystals and metal parts less beautiful. The best tool to use for this task is a soft, lint-free cloth. It's a good idea to have baby wipes with you whenever you are wearing them in case quick cleaning is needed.

There are times when your prized possessions will be marred by stubborn dirt and grime. Worry not because the problem can be solved with the help of a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in a mixture of warm water and mild dish washing solution. Do not use commercial cleaners or sonic cleaners on any of your sparkling accessories for the wrist to avoid damaging the plated parts.

Remember to wear your bracelets only after you have applied all of your preferred cosmetics. Body lotions, perfumes, hairsprays and others that you use on a regular basis tend to contain harsh chemicals. Some of them may damage the plated metal. Others may cause the discoloration of those eye-catching crystals as well as make them seem less brilliant, keeping you from looking your best.

Remember to wear these items last when dressing up. Take them off just before you undress. Following these very simple rules helps save the crystals from ending up scratched by metal components in clothes such as buttons, zippers and pins. It is definitely not a good idea to have those glittery decorative ornaments bump against hard surfaces or objects as they are basically glass.

Never leave them under the scorching heat of the sun. Likewise, do not place them right next to home appliances that generate lots of heat. These eye-catching fashion accessories can look fabulous for a longer period of time if you minimize their contact with anything that's bad for them. It's due to this why you should refrain from wearing them while swimming, exercising, washing the dishes or cleaning the house.

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