Discover Bridal Bouquet Preservation Jewelry

People have used flowers to adorn themselves for thousands of years. As civilizations advanced, beads were made by mixing a paste of ground flower petals and water. A string of prayer beads, known as a rosary is made from rose petals and was first made by gentlewomen during the Middle Ages for their knights to wear. The practice of turning flowers into jewelry is an indication that many of us want to have a keepsake to wear close to us. Now, bridal bouquet preservation jewelry satisfies that desire and is meeting that demand.

You can do it yourself as a project or have a professional complete it for you. Whichever method a person chooses, there is no doubt that incorporating the flowers from your bouquet as jewelry is a very special way to remember one of the happiest moments in your life. One that you can take with you anyplace and at any time.

There are other, more traditional forms of creating keepsakes to be displayed. One has been to dry the bouquet and place the petals in clear glass Christmas ornaments that are appreciated once a year. Another popular option has been to have the flowers and other mementos, such as the invitation, and wedding photo, placed in a frame and sealed behind glass. Hung on a wall or placed on a bookshelf or desk, to be admired for many years.

You can even decide to have your bouquet sealed in a frame and use the left over petals for earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other wearable items. Here again, the options are only limited by your imagination. The swirls of color from the blooms make lovely pieces for a ring or pendant. A pair of cuff links or a tie clip are just as attractive.

Now, you can make these pieces yourself or have them sent away where professionals will do the job. It is not difficult to create the beads, the difference in doing it yourself or having the professional do it will be in the metal and intricacy involved.

Step by step instructions on how to create the beads can be found on the internet and at craft shops. There may even be classes offered in your area so check and find out. The advantage is you will be working and creating your own keepsake that may be handed down for many years.

Sending out for the work to be done is also simple. Contact the vendor to find out if they want the blooms to be dried or simply packaged for them. Then choose the design that you want and is within your budget. If you have a specific design you want used or one that you have created, let them know. Most are happy to work with the brides designs.

Your wedding day is one to be treasured. By preserving your bouquet and turning the flowers into jewelry, you can have a real part of that day with you, on you, all the time. In addition, these pieces make a wonderful keepsake to be handed down for generations.

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