Fail Safe Tricks For Custom Horse Hair Jewelry Making

Change has been the constant thing that people have been experiencing for the past century. And all of this was because of the desire of men to be able to live comfortably. Some of the most common things were able to go in this changing journey with the people. They are jewelries. You can see that they were not the same as before. Their functions and meaning have also changed.

It is one of the things that change its purpose and appearance over time. Today there are a lot of materials that you can use to make jewelries. You even have the power to create your own. One of the most distinguished type that also holds a lot of meaning for the maker is custom horse hair jewelry.

You will surely be surprised at the number of functions horses mane offers to the world. The fabric that is usually made as covering for some of the furniture that you see is made of this material. The pottery and vase making industry also see is as an innovative material to be used for their creations which is actually kind of smart. People who play the violin also find this material very useful especially as strings for the bow.

No one would have thought that these are the functions that has and until today, people are still looking for ways on utilizing it fully. The traits that their strands have are widely known in some of the major industries today. Industries such as textile companies and art connoisseurs have found this material for their products and creations. But it can also be a jewelry. All you have to do is to get the main material from your the tail of your horse.

Before gathering other materials, you need to have the main one first. Take enough strands to make reach the half inch diameter measurement. The length should be 10 inches the most. The most recommended source for the hair is at the center of the tail. The ones that are near the tail bone of the steed.

The next step that you need to do is to make sure that it is clean and ready by washing it with shampoo. Strictly no conditioners. It is important that the strands are clean to avoid feeling itchy when you are already wearing it. There are other materials that you will be needing. And these can be purchased as a set in your local stores.

After it is dried already, secure the other end by wrapping it with carpet thread firmly. The next step would be to braid the strands. There are different patterns that you can do. If you have no idea how to proceed, you can ask for assistance from the do it yourself procedures in the web.

In attaching a finding, you can use a glue and pliers. When the braid is done, you can attach another finding on the other end using the same method. One of the tricks that you an use so that the strands will shine brighter and stick together more is to apply hair spray.

According to the reports over the years, there incidents that involves hurting these animals. And you making custom accessory would be a sign that you are in the campaign against treating horses badly. They are really beneficial animals and hurting them would not increase their functionality.

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