One Of A Kind Jewelry A Gift From The Heart

Many gifts can be personalized but nothing is quite as special as one of a kind jewelry. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches; the possibilities are limitless. Any one of these items can be engraved to make them personal but many people choose to make or design their own original pieces.

Jewelry does not necessarily have to be expensive. The wonderful thing about it is that it can be made from many things not just precious metals and stones. Seashells, glass or even simple plastic beads can be used to make a piece. Many children at some point will make a parent an item and these are more special than anything that could be purchased from a jeweler, they are in fact priceless.

It has recently become popular to use the cremains of a person you loved. There are companies who can turn small amounts of ash into a stone that can then be used to make an item of your choosing. The piece becomes a way of carrying that person with you forever. This type of item is indeed a very special way to remember someone.

Personalizing a piece can be as simple as having it engraved with an inscription or a meaningful date. Many people choose to have the casing of watch engraved or maybe the inside of a ring. These all go to make these items unique.

If you decide to design your own original item most jewelers will be happy to make your designs a reality. Again this does not have to cost a fortune but will depend on the content of the piece and the amount of work that goes into it. The longer it takes to make and the more precious the materials that are used in the item then obviously the higher the cost.

In Sandy Springs, FA there are a number of excellent jewelers who will custom make pieces to your own specification. They can help with design and choice of materials. Such jewelers give you the option to create something using the finest stones and precious metals and achieve a beautiful piece worth thousands or even millions of dollars as an extra special present. Alternately you could purchase a custom watch from one of the world's prestigious makers for a unique gift.

Another way to make a piece unique is to use an existing piece and have it made into something new. Many choose to have a parent or grandparents wedding band made into a new one for their own special day. Most jewelry can be altered or redesigned to suit different tastes. Stones from rings can be set into earrings or bracelets and vice versa, the possibilities are endless.

When deciding to have a piece made there are many decisions to be made. Color, size, type of stone and if having an item engraved what the inscription should be. It is worth taking time to think about this as they will last a lifetime and are the most personal of gifts. Also it is advisable when ordering a special item such as this to spend time to talk to your jeweler to ensure you are happy with the design.