Secure Your Hair With Rhinestone Ponytail Holders

Rhinestone ponytail holders can be used to keep your hair secure. Women of all ages like this hairstyle and it can be seen fairly often on the streets of almost any country. This sort of clip makes it easy to create this popular lifestyle and it will allow you to save time. It is quite pretty and draws positive attention to your looks.

You can choose these clips to suit your personal style and preferences. They are made in many different styles and colors. You will have to think about how well they match the look you want to have when you are at work or play. When you are trying to decide which is right for you, always pay attention to how well they will match your clothes as well.

You will find a lot of playful and fun items as you browse online collections. Some make you feel like visiting friends and relaxing for hours. Popular shades include fruit, such as strawberries and grapes and symbols of emotions. The colorful pieces that are available are not always easy to match with just any outfit and may not suit conservative work wear.

There are also styles that are definitely made for the workplace. These allow you to wear trendy hairstyles and still feel comfortable that your appearance allows you to be taken seriously. You can choose from squares dotted with these beautiful stones, triple diamonds, basket weave patterns, blocks and unity symbols among others.

Sometimes, women find it difficult to relax while at work. They cannot fully express themselves as women, wearing softer colors and fabrics that are light and airy. This is because there are people looking on who tend to think of them as weaker or less powerful because of their clothing. It is unfortunate that the world is like that at times.

Accessories in this category allow the wearer to be more flexible with their appearance. They make it simple for you to add a feminine element to your wardrobe and express something unique about your own personality. Even if you work in an office where most people try to stick to grays and other somber shades in order to portray a certain image of the company, you can add a little flair to your clothing. You can do this is a subtle manner which does not make you stick out too much.

If someone is free to choose as many of these accessories as they want, they can make selections to suit every mood. It is easy to allow the shimmery pieces to show off your looks and brighten up your outfit. With these accessories, you will stand out and draw attention. You may modify your appearance in just a few minutes. With simple rhinestone ponytail holders in the form of faux flowers, girls can look as playful as they want to.

Rhinestone ponytail holders are ideal for bridesmaids, brides and beauty pageant contestants. Other women who are interested in looking their best. With clip on and elastic band designs, you can pick the style that you can easily manage. The clear, beautiful stones add shimmer and shine that will finish off your look.

The Merits Of Rhinestone Crowns

Rhinestone crowns are head gears which are used for various purposes. There are those which are used as decorations and others which are used as signs of power. The designs of these gears vary a factor that gives clients who have subscribed to them a wide range of choice. Training for making these gears is also done in various institutions by well informed people.

There are some kingdoms and areas of governance that use these gears as a sign of power. Here, the people in power are the ones who wear the crowns. They are made using unique designs which have got some meaning attached to it. They may be used to communicate unity, patriotism or peace among the citizens of those countries. These ones are usually used by the leaders only and any individual found using them may be severely punished.

The ones that are informally used in most case are those ones which are used for decorative purposes. These ones are very common with brides and grooms. They are also normally used b y participants in beauty contests. They may not be as costly as those used by royalties, but they are certainly extremely beautiful. There are some which are readily made, though others are the customized ones. Prices vary with design and additional materials.

Making these gears is an art which does not require intense training. As such, some artisans may not have been to any training institutions. These are the kinds that serve the local market. They usually use simple tools which are just available within the surroundings. Some of these experts however have the kind of skill that enables their commodities to sell even in the international market. Most of their final products are not expensive.

Other people who like highly refined commodities however may just decide to buy those ones which have been prepared in the industries. These ones usually appear very appealing. They also are the kinds which are adorned with precious elements such as diamonds and gold. As such, they are much more costly that those ones which are just prepared locally by the local artisans. Most of the rich people subscribe to using these ones.

There are advantages associated with the gears. This material is tough unlike some fragile materials that are used in making these gears. When well polished and adorned, they have a great aesthetic value, a factor that attracts a number of clients. Curving and polishing of the material is also very easy and thus gives the artisans an easy time unlike other materials such as tough metals.

However, some of the local artisans may lack some fine skills. This may thus lead to making commodities which disintegrate very easily. The gears made in the industries may also be very expensive such that only the royalties can afford them. Some of the commodities may also not be as appealing to the clients.

Rhinestone crowns are found in very many regions of the world. This is because many people have adopted their use in a number of occasions. This thus has necessitated the rise in numb er of artisans dealing in them. More impressive designs have been invented with time.

The Uses Of Wholesale Rhinestone Jewelry

Wholesale rhinestone jewelry refers to commodities which are usually used in adornment. These ones are made from a particular material which has to undergo various processes in order to attain the form of the final commodity. There are a number of firms that have taken on the manufacture of these commodities. These firms run on various terms of operations and as such, they employ different designs in preparing these commodities.

Making the ornaments involves a number of stages. The most initial of stages is getting the necessary material. This is usually from the mining site. Here, well equipped personnel use the necessary machinery to excavate the stone that is needed by the various companies. Some companies fund this process independently, while others may wait to purchase it from middlemen. The machines required here are made of tough materials and are thus expensive.

Having successfully excavated the material, the experts have to ensure that is transformed to a state that makes it viable for use. This process is commonly referred to as refining. The process too is majorly dependent on machinery. These machines have got quite some complex operation and the people using them thus need to have undergone training and practice. The level to which these ore is refined at this stage determines the quality of ornaments made out of the material.

The firms that have invested in this venture have got a number of merits accruing to their activity. For one, their commodities are on very high demand. This thus means that for them, market is guaranteed. Some of the companies may sell locally, whereas those well established companies may venture into the international markets and sell their commodities internationally. The employees working in the firms also are paid good wages.

However, some firms may never be fortunate. These ones are majorly the young firms. Due to lack of clients for their commodities, they may resort to retrenching some of their employees. This thus means leaving the employees desperate with totally no source of income to depend on for their survival. Other than causing unemployment to the employees, their closure may also affect the economy greatly.

The clients to these firms also have got their own merits and demerits in making purchases and selling out their purchases. The ones who have identified their individual clients usually resell their commodities within a very short span of time, thus generating immense profits. Those who also happen to buy from the genuine firms enjoy the high quality material used.

However, some of the customers may end up suffering losses. These ones include those who buy substandard commodities. These commodities are made by the companies that do not refine the ore well before using it for preparing the adornments. The designs made by some of the firms may also not be beautiful.

Wholesale rhinestone jewelry is used for a number of functions. Most people use them to adorn themselves during occasions or even on ordinary days. Other people may use them as decorations. This one involves hanging the jewels on the walls of their houses when they are not in use.

Elegant Rhinestone Sliders Online Come With Reasonable Price Tags

Rhinestone sliders make for wonderful additions to bridal gowns as well as other costumes. The appearance of glittering ornaments that resemble costly gemstones can grab lots of attention. Although it may appear as though they are very expensive, the truth is so many of them are pocket-friendly. This is true most especially for those being sold on the web.

Certainly, a woman likes to look and feel fabulous on the day that she exchanges vows with her special someone. Her already stunning gown can become even more unforgettable if the right accessories are used. She may use a stylish slider attached to a belt or sash that matches her gown. With it, taking the breath of everyone present can become easier.

This accessory is also beneficial to a beauty pageant contestant. It may be incorporated into her costume meant for the talent portion. It's also a great addition to her long gown as well as swimwear, causing the audience and the judges before her to end up mesmerized. Because the item is encrusted in rhinestones, every move taken makes her literally sparkle.

It can be utilized in many other ways than just being attached to a sash or belt. A resourceful woman may use it as a stylish accessory for the mane. It's perfect for those who consider their hair to be their crowning glory. Once in place, it can bring attention to their locks. Showing off their best asset is easier if it is accessorized with something that glitters and amazes.

Other than being worn as an accessory, this eye-catching item may be used as a creative solution to make certain things look more interesting. For instance, it makes for a wonderful napkin holder when it is used to secure a strip of satin, velvet or lace. When the table setting required is something fit for royalty, the addition of this item can make that happen.

The presence of rhinestones also makes such item a wonderful addition to flower arrangements, especially those that are used as table centerpieces. The sparkling effect can enhance the beauty of the colorful and sweet-smelling blooms. From weddings, anniversaries to birthdays, it may be used to make for more interesting souvenirs that any guest would gladly take home.

Women who make arts and crafts as their pastime or business may take advantage of such decorative element. Since they come in an array of shapes and sizes, attaining the effect wanted is highly possible. Available shapes include plain squares and circles. There are also hearts, stars, flowers and many others, each one just as attention-grabbing as the other.

Although the gem-like embellishments present makes this highly versatile item appear like it's very expensive, the truth is it can be obtained at a pocket-friendly price. This is true most especially if it's ordered on the internet. For buyers who want to obtain several pieces without overshooting their budget, shopping for rhinestone sliders in bulk is the perfect solution. Those who like to get their hands on these elegant accessories and decorative elements that seem to be covered in diamonds, rubies and others need not spend a lot of cash as wholesale shopping online is possible.

Tips For Choosing The Rhinestone Headbands

The rhinestone headbands come in different designs. Some have flowers, and some have the plain look. They come in handy for different occasions and you need to choose the offer meeting your needs. It is all about investing in the correct options, fashion, and ability to transform a simple look to something appealing. Most companies want to offer clients amazing pieces to match their daily needs.

Brides want to look amazing on their special occasion. They need to wear a headpiece that shall hold the veil well and at the same time look outstanding. If you do not want to wear a veil, you can use this accessory to make your hair look simple yet amazing. They come in different shapes and you get to choose the one that matches your overall theme.

Accessories will make a big difference in the entire outfit. A simple evening gown is well transformed by a headpiece, which matches the occasion. Some are good for weddings, evening parties, and weekends. You have to ensure you choose the one ideal and match your expectations.

Girls love wearing different accessories. They complement their looks perfectly especially when wearing princess dresses. Most designers will come up with appealing pieces to match the needs of the girls. This shall include flower designs, tiaras, and different colors to match their dresses.

There are different designers currently in the market. This shall give you the opportunity of settling for the one who shall give you the correct leads. It is all about choosing the unique presentation and buying the one that shall meet your detailed look. If you are looking for an office image, you need to choose a formal appearance.

You do not want to invest in a good price only to find the quality does not meet your needs. It is all about getting the right offers from the correct designers. With plenty of duplicate products in the market, many people end up choosing the wrong offer. You will need to invest in the best options and this shall enable you to get the durable content. This shall remain in good condition all year.

If you want to get a good price, you need to shop using different channels; it is all about getting the size and shape you want. The local stores will give you an array of appealing products you can choose. If you prefer to choose from a wide collection, you will need to use the online channel. This is a n easy and effective way to choose from a wide range and different price options.

You do not want to make the wrong decision when buying the rhinestone headbands. It is highly advisable to choose the offers, which meet all your stated needs. This shall include the quality providers, and the ones who have attained positive reviews. It is not easy for many people to know the ideal deals when it comes to dealing with high quality options. You need to ensure you invest in the quality products from known providers.

Choosing The Right Rhinestone Bridesmaid Jewelry

There are a lot of things to organise during a wedding. Coordinating the look is very important and each aspect needs to be carefully considered. For example in order to make your bridesmaids stand out in the right way you may want to consider shopping around for rhinestone bridesmaid jewelry.

It is easy to forget that weddings are not just special for the people that are getting married. This is also a special time for friends and family as well. Therefore people are often excited to be involved, especially if they have been picked to be bridesmaids by the bride. While nobody wants to show up the bride they will all want to look good!

Each aspect of what they wear needs to be considered. Often the colours will be selected to complement an overall colour scheme. For example you may want a lighter shade for the summer months or something darker if the bride is getting married in the winter months and they want to reflect the period.

Another aspect is to ensure that the people you are buying for are not allergic to the pieces you choose for them. It may sound strange but some materials can be unsuitable for certain skin types. Dermatological tests are available that can help to ensure that they can wear the items and it will not harm them.

For example you will probably want to avoid anything that is too large. It is also worth discussing this with your bridesmaids as they can give feedback on what they feel is appropriate. However before you ask remember that they need to consider that this is part of your colour scheme as well. It is a difficult balance but one that can be achieved.

Remember it will not be you wearing the items! Talk to the bridesmaids and ask for their feedback on the kind of things they like and what they think would be appropriate. If they have been married before ask them where they purchased items for. Friends and family can often help you find the most reliable retailers and websites so you can purchase the best items for a reasonable amount. However do not be tempted to get the cheapest items as there is the danger they could contain copper, resulting in a green sheen on the skin that will not look very flattering.

Necklaces and earrings are often popular choices. As well as looking stylish they also make great gifts as well. It is worth waiting until the ceremony before giving them the lovely surprise that they can keep the stylish accessories that they have been given to wear. Indeed in some traditions this is done to highlight the importance and value of marriage in a similar way that the ring represents commitment during the marriage ceremony.

Some people also like to give rhinestone bridesmaid jewelry as a gift to thank them for their role in the wedding. In some traditions this is seen as asserting the value of marriage. Whatever the reason it is worth making sure what they wear is special. Look online to find jewelry stores in your local area as well as getting feedback to find the ideal items to suit your needs.

Looking Like A Star For Less With Costume Jewelry Wholesale Buying

Shopping for costume jewelry wholesale pieces allows buyers to get their hands on attention-grabbing accessories but without shelling out a huge sum of cash. It's the perfect solution for budget-conscious women who are about to step foot on the stage or perform before a crowd. Those who are fearless when it comes to making a bold fashion statement may also do the same.

These pieces are incomparable to everyday fashion accessories worn by stylish women. They usually come with generous proportions and are lavishly designed and colored, making sure that they are going to be seen even by those at the back row. These ornaments for the body are meant to be used by women who need to shine and look memorable under the spotlight.

Often, the can be seen worn by stage actors to exaggerate their costumes and make them look more stellar. It's not just the acting that matters to the audience but also the entire production, including the garments worn by the characters. With them, each and every scene can look fabulous, ensuring that the audience's attention is nowhere else but on the stage.

They are also worn by those who are participating in beauty pageants as well as performers like dancers and singers. Accessorizing with them makes it easy to get the nod of the audience and judges. Using everyday fashion accessories simply won't do as they are not that noticeable. The ornaments to wear on stage are those that are undeniably dramatic.

Majority of these pieces are so designed to ensure that their purpose is met. Although some selections are simpler than the rest, still they are more stunning than average fashion accessories. These are the ones perfect for women who are never afraid to express themselves through fashion. Wearing them can make even the most boring clothes look breathtaking.

At first glance, these accessories look like they cost a lot. That's because of the various decorative elements involved such as metal, beads and rhinestones that seem like pricey gems. The fact that they are usually larger than life and are worn only during certain situations further make them seem like only those who can splurge on flashy accessories can afford them.

Buyers can come across some of the most affordable selections on the internet. Especially if they are looking to get several pieces all at once, they can enjoy more savings. Online sellers often provide wholesale options to help those who are in need of multiple accessories save time and money. The more pieces are ordered, the further the budget is stretched. No matter what they will be using it for, the staggering assortment in cyberspace allows buyers to find what they need.

Purchasing costume jewelry wholesale should be done from a trustworthy online seller. Every shopper should look for a vendor offering an impressive assortment of these dazzling accessories, each one exquisitely designed and superbly made. The price tags should be considered most especially. The best items to order are those that can impress yet are easy on the pocket.

Affordable And Elegantly Designed Rhinestone Wedding Jewelry Online

It's important for the bride to look like she's the most attractive woman on that very special day. In order to attain that, she has to use accessories perfect for her gown. It's a good thing that she doesn't have to spend a lot just to get her hands on these must-haves because there are lots of elegant and pocket-friendly rhinestone wedding jewelry pieces on the internet.

The couple has to pay for all sorts of things just to make the day they exchange vows an unforgettable one. Many of them come with steep price tags. From the souvenirs, cake, photographer to the flowers, overshooting the budget can be quite easy. Luckily, the bride can scrimp on money when shopping for her various accessories and still look breathtaking on that day.

Stepping foot inside various land-based jewelry stores may give the future bride a headache. That's because most of the items being sold in there tend to carry steep price tags. It's not unlikely for her to exit these establishments empty-handed, wondering where to find accessories that will allow her to shine as she says "I do" without wrecking the budget.

Luckily, the internet is a place where so many jewelry pieces for a blushing bride come with reasonable price tags. There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, tiaras and other hair accessories. Each and every one of them comes with an elegant design. Even though they can make the wearer look like she spent millions, the fact is these items are inexpensive.

Making them look so expensive and desirable are the rhinestones. The presence of these gem-like ornaments can make every bride sparkle. Because rhinestones come in so many shapes and colors, a woman can choose items that go very well with her gown. The guests and most especially the groom will surely be awestruck at the sight of the dazzling bride.

Just because these fantastic accessories in cyberspace come at budget prices doesn't mean they appear cheap. Made to make a bride look unforgettable, they serve as proofs that spending a lot isn't necessary just to be stunning. Many of them are actually comparable to the beauty of designer accessories that can quickly use up the couple's budget. Without giving a clue on how much they cost, no one will be able to guess that these glittery items are friendly to the pocket.

Other than money, time is also saved by a woman who orders these items on the web. It's possible to shop online at any given moment. What's more, there is no need for the soon-to-be bride to scour the whole city just to come across the right accessories. She simply has to click the mouse button to choose from the hundreds of selections out there.

No matter if the buyer wants a single piece or a set, ordering rhinestone wedding jewelry online is worry-free. Sticking to the allotted budget is easier as many of these items are being sold at reasonable prices. In case the entire bridal entourage requires matching accessories, wholesale shopping can keep the couple from using up all of their financial resources.

A Quick Glance At The Wholesale Rhinestone Chain

Wholesale chains deals with the distribution lines of manufactured goods from the manufacturing points till they reach the final end user. The chains involved depend on the industry and the type of products being transferred in the distribution chains. The lines act as merchandising avenues through which goods get transferred from the manufacturers to the retailers at a reasonable cost. The wholesale Rhinestone chain takes the cost into consideration as well maintaining the quality of goods.

The type of industry has a very critical role to play in determining the type of medium in which the goods will be transferred. The provision of services, the providers of services meet with the end users face to face during the provision of these goods. There is a short chain in service industry. In manufacturing industries, the goods are packaged and then delivered at the premises of retailers. Repackaging is done here after which they are then transferred to small-scale retailers. This is what lengthens the delivery channel.

The customers have a number of demands that ought to be taken into consideration at the onset. Some opt to have the goods delivered at their premises before going through the series of repackaging. The repacking processes reduce the general quality of goods since they are frequently tampered with. The personalization of delivery means an additional cost.

There are a number of standard ways of doing this business. Some opts to use the cash and carry when trading the different commodities. In cash and carry, one does not order. In the opposite, they visit a merchandising center where they pick goods that please them. This is mainly in form of quality and packaging. The cost factor also has to be taken into consideration. Once a bunch or batch of goods has been picked, the customers pay for their goods there.

The ordering mechanism could be done if the distance between the premises of the two entities is quite large. The customer or the retailer fills a special order form and then mails it to the wholesaler. The form specifies the quantity and type of products to be delivered. The wholesaler receives and confirms the reception. After the verification, the goods ordered are then sent to the customer. After receiving and verifying the correct amounts of batches and quality, a payment is made.

There are a number of partners that forms the channel of distribution. The transportation, logistics and retailing agents are some of important partners within a merchandising channel. A number of agreements are made between these partners. The retailing agents order the goods on behalf of customers where the customer does not come in contact with producers and wholesalers.

Logistics partners forms a very crucial part of distribution channels. The partners process the status of goods on transit. They verify the quantity of goods loaded onto trucks and also confirm the reception of these goods. In case of return of goods sold, the logistics partner organizes for easier and cheaper means of transport to avoid double costs in transportation.

The distribution and merchandising industry is run by regulations and a number of policies. This ensures that the management of the wholesale Rhinestone chain is done professionally. The framework defines the rights to ownership depending on the status of goods. This also defines the rights, liabilities and obligations of each party to a logistic agreement.

Tips On Shopping For Wholesale Costume Jewelry On The Internet

In order to obtain some of the most appealing and reasonably priced accessories available on the market, it's a good idea to go for wholesale costume jewelry shopping. Doing it on the web allows the budget to be stretched. The available selections of accessories are extensive online. Many of them are perfect for the members of the bridal entourage, stage performers and land-based retailers of fashionable items.

Buyers should not make the mistake of thinking that all items available by the bulk are equal. Some are cheap yet come with superb craftsmanship and designing. On the other hand, there are items that are offered at bargain prices because they are not trendy and durable at all. To run into the best deals in cyberspace, shoppers should be resourceful and extra careful.

Before purchasing anything, it's recommendable for shoppers to use the internet to do some researches first. Usually, keying in the name of the vendor or website in the preferred search engine enables an individual to obtain helpful information. It's important to note that together with reliable vendors are those who want nothing but to make quick cash by fabricating lies to win the attention of their target customers.

Nowadays, a lot of tech-savvy consumers share their product reviews and testimonials on the internet. Taking into account what they have to say is generally a good idea in order for shoppers to dodge scammers online who are waiting for their victims. There are plenty of forum sites which may be visited by a buyer for some tips. Generally, the chances of conducting business with a reliable seller are increased the longer a shopper spends time seated before a computer reading reviews and opinions.

On the internet, it's easy to obtain a listing of various sellers offering stylish accessories by the bulk. It's because of this reason why even very busy shoppers have no excuse not to access different websites to come across the best deals available out there. Checking out hundreds of selections online only takes a few mouse button clicks.

The real challenging part is finding the desired items amidst hundreds of products coming from different sellers on the web. Luckily, browsing through all of the available accessories from one website to the other can be done while the buyer is seated in front of a computer. Choosing from among the various categories makes finding the desired accessories a breeze.

A shopper who is trying to stay on budget of course has to consider the price tag. Purchasing by the bulk allows an online buyer to obtain every piece at a lower price. In order to enjoy bigger savings, ordering more pieces at once may be done. It's important that the items being considered are exquisitely made and designed despite of being offered at pocket-friendly prices.

Buying wholesale costume jewelry items from a trustworthy seller helps eliminate issues such as getting the wrong products or receiving the items late. It's a must for the vendor to be able to fully guarantee the customer's satisfaction and timely shipping of the accessories ordered. To make the entire process go as smoothly as possible, a customer should read the terms and conditions or even contact the vendor for questions.

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Information To Have About Rhinestone Chokers

Unlike other pieces of jewelry, chokers are not a regular, commonly seen part of an outfit. They do make a difference, though, whether they are eye-catching or plain. If you want to find something that is more glamorous, rhinestone chokers can be a good option. There is a variety of sizes and styles, here, and your choice will depend on several different things.

For instance, what you wear it with can make a difference. Something narrow and slim might suit if you are going for something a little more delicate. It might be that your outfit is fairly simple, and you want something that will not overwhelm it. This can be a possible choice if your outfit is in more neutral colors and you want your choker to be the focal point.

There are several different, more subtle changes in width that you might like to try. This small dimension can make the difference to how well the outfit ends up working. You might even prefer a bigger, more ostentatious design even if you are paring it with something simple. However, many people would pick the fancier option if their outfit complemented it rather than contrasted against it.

There are also different levels of delicacy, here, too. Even if there is a slim band, it could be that you want a thicker, more solid option. There are, though, some items that look a lot more like necklaces than chokers usually do and you might want to consider one of these. This could be the choice that you make for a whole number of different reasons.

For those that want this, of course, this is a lot more eye-catching. The effect that it has, though, very much depends on the design that it has. It might be that there is a design elsewhere in your outfit that is mirrored, here, or it may make its own statement, completely. Some, you will notice, are much shinier than others are and you may very well feel that a difference is made, here.

Something very glittery could be incredibly fancy but the more low-key option would be for a more suitable occasion. Where you plan to wear this is another thing that can make a lot of a difference. It may be that the event is more suited to a subtle glittering piece on your throat. It might be, however, that it is a more glamorous affair, and the choker is simply one aspect of a larger piece.

So that you can plan your outfit well, you should know what type of event that this is going to be. There is a number of places that you can visit to purchase the item that you want. A bricks and mortar shop might be where you choose to visit.

This gives you the chance to see the item in person and you may also get a chance to try it on. On the other hand, buying online means that you have a whole range of chokers to browse at the click of a button. You can then spend time looking at rhinestone chokers to find the one that you think would suit your purposes the most.

Choosing Custom Rhinestone Name Pins

For both men and women, choosing custom rhinestone name pins is a fun activity. It gives individuals a chance to display their personal style and select what suits them. They can show others who are looking what their preferences are. People sometimes receive inspiration from those around them and as a result, they have many ideas. The finished product looks like jewelry at times.

Designing an accessory such as this for the purpose of employee recognition is a joy. The style is determined by the fact that someone will wear it to represent their success in a particular field. The piece should therefore be attractive without having an excessive amount of flair, so that the recipient can wear it with conservative work clothes.

While patrons occasionally choose custom rhinestone name pins when they want something stylish but not overly showy, others are interested in having the pieces attract lots of attention. If you desire this, your choice will satisfy your yearnings. They are guaranteed attention grabbers and all eyes will be drawn to, even if what you wear is understated in comparison to the majority.

A simple one line pin that states what your surname is will definitely make an impression. Some people have a hard time matching names and faces. They usually use different techniques to help them recall the people who they meet at an event. Something like this ensures that yours will be harder to forget, since it adds another visual element to their memory.

Some companies that manufacture these items can include three lines on a single unit. This gives you a dramatic effect. In certain cases, you may not even be charged for the extra lines. That means you can get more without having to exceed your budget or make decisions that cause you to sacrifice what you really want because it costs too much. You should contact customer representatives to find out how this works.

There are several different ways to make these items and professionals can discuss these with you. Some persons appreciate the fact that they can choose several colors in the stones that are used to manufacture these items. Others only want clear stones to be utilized. Designers can also employ curve or straight bars, it all depends on what you prefer for the occasion.

You may select a gold or silver finish for the design you like. In some cases, charms can be attached to a pin to make it have extra special meaning, since you can attach symbols that are of special significance to you. This also makes it much more unique than one that does not have charms attached.

The manufacturing time for custom rhinestone name pins varies. However most will be ready in about four weeks from the date that you place an order. These are ideal gifts for red hat ladies, pageants, sweet adelines, sales, promotional activities, company events and weddings. They will match every need that you have so you can discuss those with a knowledgeable customer service representative who will be willing to help you find solutions to your sales, marketing or promotions problems.

Reasons Why Stylish Women Should Buy Fashion Jewelry Online

With the use of the right accessories, your clothes can look more appealing and complete. It's very important for a stylish woman like you to own several different pieces so that there's something to put on no matter the attire or occasion. Nowadays, a lot of smart shoppers prefer to buy fashion jewelry online than do it anywhere else such as at the malls.

There are plenty of reasons why it's recommendable to shop for these items on the internet than in the traditional approach. It's not unlikely for first-timers to shop in cyberspace to feel daunted and they cannot be blamed for such. Finding reputable sellers can help eliminate their worries and allow them to enjoy the many perks of buying accessories on the web.

Some of the most affordable selections can be ordered while the buyer is seated in front of a computer. Running a virtual shop calls for smaller operating costs than owning a land-based jewelry store. It's for such reason why online vendors don't mind selling their goods at pocket-friendly rates. Reasonably priced accessories make looking stylish easy on the budget.

Plenty of selections are available from vendors in cyberspace. It's not uncommon for stylish women to step foot outside land-based jewelry stores empty handed as the choices are very few. On the internet, a buyer doesn't have to limit herself to the offerings of local sellers as the entire planet is her marketplace. With so many options, it's easy to find the items she loves.

There are so many trendy accessories available in cyberspace. It may take some time before the latest additions in the world of fashion to be sold at the local malls. Stylish women who cannot wait any longer to own those items worn by pop singers, movie stars and supermodels may simply log on the web and order them from vendors trusted by many shoppers.

The convenience of being able to shop while you are seated in front of your computer is unparalleled. You no longer have to step foot outside your home or office just to get your hands on trendy accessories. Because of this, there is no way that you have to get stuck in heavy traffic or wait in line at the counter. In order for your admired bracelets, timepieces, earrings, necklaces and other accessories sent to your doorstep, you simply have to do a few clicks of your mouse button.

Choosing to shop in the modern way lets you buy accessories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not even store closing hours or a stormy weather can stop you from obtaining items that will complete your collection. Whether you are a morning or night person, it's possible to access the website of your preferred seller and shop to your heart's content.

It's obvious that there are all sorts of perks to enjoy by a woman who prefers to buy fashion jewelry online. It's possible for her to browse hundreds of stylish selections simply by clicking the mouse. Without the need to do it in the traditional approach, any woman can obtain some of the trendiest additions to her accessory collection trouble-free.

Factors To Consider While Buying Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

One of the most important occasions in your life is certainly the wedding day. As a result, you need to ensure that you are not wrong in all that you do. One way of ensuring that you look cute is by wearing the modern bridesmaid jewelry sets. This is because; these ornaments will not only make you and your maidens attractive, but will make you admirable. They will also make you appear unique from the other women in the occasion.

Unlike other occasions, a wedding day is unique. This day the guests and the bride ought to appear their best. However, the bride and the maiden are supposed to have outstanding products to ensure that they are beautiful than any other person in the occasion. This will ensure that the whole occasion is beautiful. You can buy each maiden set of jewelry, to ensure that she appears beautiful.

If you are a woman, you can attest that ornaments means a lot to you. You are not exceptional. One of the most precious gifts a man can buy the woman he loves is ornaments. As a result, buy this set of ornament to the woman you love in the eve of her wedding may make her feel loved and more appreciated.

Being careful on the ornament set that you buy is important. This is because; different sets are meant to suit different people. The first factor that you need to consider is the size of the ornaments. You certainly would not like to buy very loose ornaments, or too tight ornaments. This is because; such ornaments will not offer the maidens the comfort they require.

You also need to consider the nature of your skin. Some metals are corrosive to the skin. No wader you realize that people who wear ornaments made of certain metals develop rashes on their skin. Some metals used to make the ornaments also causes discomforts to the wearer. Be keen on the type of ornament that you buy to ensure that you buy the one with the right metal

Select ornaments with colors that go well with the selected attire and shoes. This is because; you can attest that the color that the maidens wear matters a lot. You also need to ensure that the color matches with the theme of the occasion. To make the occasion colorful, you can matches the color of the ornament with that of the decor.

Do not settle on the ordinary ornaments that people wear during wedding days. You need to ensure that you buy unique ornaments in terms of designs. Having ornaments with unique features will make your wedding ceremony unique.

Consider the price of the ornament that you plan to buy. Do not buy ornaments with exaggerated price as you may end up overriding your budget. It is important to ensure that you stick within your budget.The online channel has made it easy to buy bridesmaid jewelry sets. This is because; you can search for such ornaments while at the comfort of your home. You will also have a variety of such ornaments to select.

Rose Gold Watch

Of the myriad variety of watches perhaps the rose gold watch is one of the most exquisite.

Rose gold watches are available in a large variety of types and sizes and some are gold and some are not.

You can get real rose gold, rose gold plated, just pink and not gold so you do need to be careful and ensure you establish exactly what it is you are getting when you buy a rose gold watch.

Many rose gold watches are simply gold plated. This means the gold content is very small and the plating can be extremely thin and, after a while, will wear away and look very unsightly.

Find out how much gold is in the watch? Find out the karat. It should really be 14 karat or more ideally. 22 or 24 karat, or pure gold is very rare and would be too much as gold is a soft malleable metal and can easily be distorted and broken. By mixing it with other metals such as platinum, palladium, silver and other metals, it is made more durable and long lasting.

Of course rose gold watches are liked by men as well as women. In fact the very ornate ones are popular as bling bling in the hip hop culture. You can get rose gold watches encrusted with diamonds and heavy gold.

For those on a sever budget the diamonds are fake of course and the gold is more than likely thinly plated but they look flashy and certainly make a statement!

Solid rose gold watches with real diamonds set in are for the wealthy. If money is no object one can get a fantastic and very tasteful rose gold watch for a few thousand dollars.

As in buying any jewellery, always ensure you are getting what you pay for,. Certificates to authenticate the watch, diamonds and gold are the order of the day. If the watch is extremely expensive and independent appraisal should be done for insurance and possible later resale purposes.

If you like rose gold watches you are sure, after some window shopping, to find the rose gold watch that suits you and from which you can get a great deal of pleasure.

Creative flair

Never set limits for yourself, or you will kill good ideas," says Shenan Chuang, the Taiwan-born CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China. The advertising mogul's creativity knows no boundary, a fact that has helped her shape Ogilvy's success on the mainland.

When Chuang was assigned to Beijing nearly 10 years ago, she found many people tended to see simple things as "impossible". She says: "I asked a waiter to put a slice of lemon in my water but he told me it was impossible. I would understand if they didn't have lemon. But it's not impossible. All he has to do is to cut a lemon and give me one slice."

Chuang is renowned for her passion for creative leadership and innovative management, having set up a "creative floor" to knock down intangible walls among different disciplines and encourage co-operation within the company. Her brainchild, O Gallery, a special art space inside the Beijing office, is another effort to make the workplace a creative environment while sponsoring local artists.

Named one of the "Top 25 Business Women in China" in 2010 and 2011 by Fortune China magazine, Chuang also co-founded the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China (4A) and has been elected its chairman three times.

She has thrived under the challenges of doing business in China. "The working pace on the mainland is very fast, just like the 1980s in Taiwan, when its economy started to take off. Growing markets are often obsessed with speed," she says. "But sometimes speed will sacrifice quality and how to strike a balance between the two is a question the markets have to face."

She believes an economic slowdown in China would allow people to reflect on the quality of growth and not just the market-driven quantity. But for herself, it seems, there is no slowing down. Even after 28 years with Ogilvy & Mather, Chuang remains a self-described "workaholic".

"I'm so good at over-using every second that my body is worn out by the intensity. Now I have to learn to relax and pass my time by keeping my mind blank," she says. "My most undisturbed moment is on a plane when no one can call me." Chuang, who is single, gets up around 5am every day and usually works through her weekends.

"I was married once, but I don't necessarily fit into the modern marriage. I'm single and have no children. I live freely and live in my own world," she says. "Time is the great equaliser. No matter how rich you are, you only have 24 hours per day. You reap whatever you sow in time."

Flawless genius

Shaun Leane is in the business of creating objects that can withstand the test of time. "At the beginning of my career I was restoring many historical pieces. This is when I fell in love with jewellery design," he says. "I have restored some of the most beautiful antique jewels from the art deco, Victorian and Edwardian eras. These pieces were distinctive of their time due to their innovative design and craftsmanship. This inspired me to create timeless pieces which will epitomise the present and be treasured from one generation to another."

Now head of his eponymous luxury jewellery house, the London-based Leane is known for exquisitely crafted contemporary designs. The four-time UK Jewellery Designer of the Year is also famous for his long-time collaboration with the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, whom he met while Leane was an apprentice in Hatton Garden and McQueen was studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

"I was 14 years into my career and thought I had mastered the craft - this changed when I met Alexander McQueen. Due to our collaboration, I taught myself the skills of a silversmith, using different materials and jewellery tools to create body sculptures and large-scale jewellery pieces for his catwalk shows; all these things were new to me," he says. "Before we met, I was creating diamond rings and delicate gem-set tiaras. Now, when we design and craft our collections, we continue to practise in fine traditional goldsmithing skills, but we combine those skills with modern technology."

Leane takes a year on average to develop a collection, only launching a range when he's satisfied that "every piece is flawless". He also frequently collaborates with other designers, artists and celebrities, and takes on custom-made projects, including a diamond evening glove for fashion icon Daphne Guinness.

"The project took around four years to design and handcraft. Our challenge was to create a diamond glove that combines an armour-like structure [with] the refined aesthetics and fluidity of an evening glove," he says. "The glove was a perfect example of what we create ." With stores throughout Britain, and locations in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Hong Kong, Leane has had to devote a lot of attention to the business. But he also researches new ideas and trains apprentices as a Freeman of the City of London, which he was named in 2006.

"You will never stop learning a craft, especially when new technologies become available. I enjoy learning new things as this helps me to evolve as a craftsman and designer." Leane says. "Like life, we are learning every day."

Intriguing changes lie ahead

Over the past few years, Hermès has been quietly gathering strength as a fine watchmaker, bringing within its fold manufacturers of movements, dials and cases. It’s all done without huge fanfare, but with the clear intention of consolidating Hermès’ growing reputation as a serious watchmaker.

La Montre Hermès has, besides its stake in movement maker Vaucher Manufacture, acquired a dial supplier and a majority interest in a case supplier. This integration should make it unnecessary to outsource these elements and thus give the brand a greater degree of control.

A 2011 triumph for Hermès was the concept of suspended time, created exclusively for Hermès by independent watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. At the BaselWorld 2013 international watch show, Hermès showed the first version of the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Suspendu for ladies. At 38mm, it is smaller than the original, but with the same intriguing feature. At the press of a button, the hour and minute hands stop so that – for the wearer, at least – time stands still. When the button is pressed again, normal operations are resumed at the correct time. The 360-degree retrograde hour and minute mechanism, an addition to Calibre H1912, allows running time and suspended time to be co-ordinated by two synchronised column wheels.

“I started work on Le Temps Suspendu four years ago,” Wiederrecht says. “The important watches today are the ones that tell stories and incorporate craftsmanship into the story.”

Wiederrecht predicts a strong future for the watch arm of the French fashion house. “This is a very elegant brand, very different from a conglomerate. They make wonderful things, so making a watch for Hermès is very important for me. Hermès is coming into its own now in the watch sector and will grow very fast. Their watches are now like their leather goods, with quality that is uncompromised.”

He is working with Hermès on the next big thing. “We are doing very, very interesting things. It will happen in two to three years.”

 Arceau Petite Lune in black
“Innovative complications, like Le Temps Suspendu, is the way Hermès wants to go,” says international marketing director Marcus Stadelmann. “Hermès is a brand of artisans, and Jean- Marc is an artisan – he works with his hands. This is the essence of Hermès, and we translate that essence into objects – and this particular object is a watch.”

Le Temps Suspendu ladies’ version was not the only appearance at BaselWorld 2013 of the Arceau line, which dates back to 1978. Hermès Arceau Chrono Bridon has all the recognisable Arceau features, such as slanted Arabic numerals, but with a new bradoon bridlestyle strap that reflects an equestrian feel. Another departure for Arceau in its 35th year is Petite Lune – a 38mm model with a blue disc on which a silver moon and stars display the moon phases, supplemented by a pointer indicating the days of the lunar cycle, all set against a dial of white or black mother-of-pearl. Again, there is an equestrian reference. The popular Dressage models were presented with a new movement, and a number of limited editions, such as the Arceau H Cube with its stunning straw marquetry dial, and oneoff novelties. The unique pieces included Pendulette 8 Jours in white gold with black lacquer markers; Arceau Pocket Voilier, a triumph of gold and enamelling; and Arceau Pocket Volutes, with its gold marquetry cover, representing 150 hours of hand engraving.

In its fairly lengthy history as a retailer of watches, Hermès initially produced them as collaborative efforts and retailed them as fashion accessories. All that has changed dramatically. Hermès is firmly in charge of its own destiny in terms of design and manufacture, and its watches are far more than accessories. “Today, appreciation of our watches is the same as for the rest of our products – our customers respect the singularity, quality and craftsmanship,” Stadelmann says. “Our watch business has been growing faster than the other product categories. They are definitely growth contributors.”

Serious watch buyers care greatly about singularity, quality and craftsmanship. This chimes with the Hermès philosophy, which is not so much about the brand, but rather about the product in relation to the client. “The product reflects the personality of our client,” Stadelmann says.

He says that at BaselWorld, where the big brands vie for attention with flashy booths, the Hermès pavilion designed by Japanese architect and Pritkzer Prize winner Toyo Ito carried no logos inside. “If it can still be recognised as Hermès, we have succeeded.”

The firm’s principles will remain the same in Asia, where it aims to build a strong brand awareness, especially in China. In its distribution, Stadelmann says “Hermès is much more advanced in Asia, particularly in China and Southeast Asia, than in other geographies”. In Hong Kong, he says, “we have Hermès stores and multibrand stores selling our watches”.

Some Information On Rhinestone Word Pins

Many times when a person comes across or hears about rhinestone, the first thing that clicks the mind is a jewel. This is because of the sparkling look they have. Rhinestone word pins are not excluded in the sparkle on the stones. An individual can be able to design many beautiful words for different occasions with them.

They are a great idea when a person is thinking of designing a business name for his business. Many places like restaurants, beauty salons bar among others can choose to use the rhinestone to design words for their business. Their sparkle will make a wonderful name for the business, especially as a promotional tool.

For occasions like Christmas, mothers day, valentines day birthdays and other occasions where gifts are taken, name pins will be a great gift. One can design a name or favorite phrase of the person you are getting the gift for and make a great gift. Many people will love them as gift because of their sparkle and their classy look.

There are many occasions that word pins made of rhinestones will apply. They can be good for weddings to design names, for corporate events, pageants charity events and many other occasions. One will only need to get the theme of the event, design the words and give them to the manufacturer to get the final product which always sparkles. There is no need to worry if one does not have an idea for the design because most vendors have variety of design that one can choose from.

For corporate and business events, they can be a very good promotional tool. The company can design their slogan and any other word they may want to get to the potential customers and make them with rhinestone to use them as giveaways. This will definitely bring a good name to the company. Charities can also design wordings that will pass the message of the event to the community and it will promote the social work.

Getting places to find these items is not a hard task. One can look at the available local vendors who deal with the items. It is at the vendors that a person will explain the purpose of the item and they will be assisted on choosing the best. The shops will open your mind about the other available designs and styles that can be made. This will help you settle at the best.

Sometimes the local shops may not have the wide selection. This then leads you to the next best option of choosing through the internet. There are websites that have displayed a wide selection of the item for one to choose from. There are many available ones that have a wide variety of the items that will give you different ideas of the word pins according to the occasion you want to use them in. A list of price will also be listed to help people budget on the one they choose.

With the variety of functions and events that need some accessories to make it a success, rhinestone word pins are the best to settle at. They are applicable for any kind of function, event and businesses. The only thing that a person will be required to do is to come up with the desired design and rhinestone will make the outcome great.

Choosing Beautiful Rhinestone Jewelry Sets

Selecting beautiful rhinestone jewelry sets as gifts allows you to easily express your appreciation. Several people are interested in letting other people know that they recognize their achievements in life. However it is sometimes hard to find the ideal present. Individuals may search for hours and at the end of that time, they still have nothing that satisfies them. You are likely to find something easily when you choose from these items while searching for gifts.

Consumers sometimes choose to buy these items wholesale. This is not necessarily because they have a number of customers. Instead, they may hope to give presents to a group of people. For example, a graduating class may be recipients of this sort of purchase. Employers may also decide to have an awards ceremony and use these to recognize the efforts of staff members.

There are others who may want to have these products on hand for theatrical productions and other events. This sort of purpose has nothing to do with giving but is just as important as it would be to the individual who plans to reward individuals in that way. Costumes for queens, kings, wealth business persons and other actors look more complete with these products.

People save on the price of each unit when they order wholesale quantities. However, before a buyer can qualify for this discount, they usually need to meet a minimum that is set by the company that is selling the goods. This level may be determined by different factors. In certain situations, you will be asked to select a certain number of goods while in others, your order must pass a specific dollar amount.

A customer service representative is the best person to help you meet your needs. When you hope to make a big purchase for a group, take a few minutes to seek advice or assistance from one of these persons. Some sellers can give you discounts just for buying on behalf of a school or hospital. Qualified representatives can find other ways to help you save money.

When you are choosing beautiful rhinestone jewelry sets you may have a preconceived idea of what you should buy. However, you should be open to other options. Sometimes stores have items in their closeout section that are significantly cheaper than what you can find elsewhere on the site. These items are quite attractive.

They may be in the closeout section because they are only a few of them left. This is the only disadvantage of making a purchase from items that are in this part of a store. Closeout items are different from what you planned but they are lovely. If you have no plans to buy large amounts of the exact item, you should browse this section.

Affordable, trendy and beautiful rhinestone jewelry sets make good gifts. However this is not the only reason why people buy them. They can be used for everything from costumes to window displays for other interesting and attractive consumer goods. Treat yourself to something that you like and will appreciate today.

Rising from adversity


Big Bang Ferrari 

"I just picked this up, and I love it. I have been reading about the watch being launched for the past few months and the detailing is absolutely unique."
Meanwhile, Sekhri noticed that SoHo was not as affected, with business only down 20 per cent in that area. He decided then to convert it into a dining district. While the World Health Organisation warned that Sars might come back, by December 2003, Sekhri pressed on, thinking that he'd already lost everything, so he might as well double down.

His gamble paid off with the opening of Soho Spice at the end of 2003. Because of the excess supply of space, Sekhri was able to negotiate long-term leases at low cost, which led to him opening seven more restaurants from 2004 to 2006.

"That was the turning point," he says. "Dining Concepts grew because of Sars."

The restaurateur is involved in all of his outlets, from the concept to finding the space, working with designers and overseeing construction. "I feel very attached to each of my restaurants and have a huge sense of satisfaction in following my instincts."

With the company expanding, Sekhri has more time for hobbies and family. He enjoys travel and cites New York and Melbourne as his favourite food scenes. When not travelling, Sekhri is out hiking along one of Hong Kong's many trails or playing an aggressive game of table tennis.

He is also glad to have more time with his family after having worked 14- to 16-hour days for many years. "My son is 19 and in university, and [I have] a daughter who is 15.

As they get older, they need more time. In the last three to four years I spent more time with my son, nurturing and grooming him. I want him to realise his dreams and go to the right school and do the right thing. He's succeeded and that's satisfying."


Luminor 1950 

"This is not a very formal watch. I like that I can wear it for a business meeting or for sport. I love big dials, big sizes. I've grown to like oversized watches."
Timing has played a crucial role in restaurateur Sandeep Sekhri's success. The managing director of Dining Concepts has established 19 restaurants in 10 years, including Lupa and Carnevino with celebrity chef Mario Batali.

Despite his achievements, Sekhri admits he wasn't the most academically minded person, and realised early on that he loved the hospitality industry because he liked working with people.

"Over the years, I've had to deal with everyone, from the dishwasher to general manager to celebrity chef," he says. "You have to put yourself in their shoes and adapt to how they would think and not necessarily force your thought process on them."

Sekhri came to Hong Kong 25 years ago from New Delhi and was determined to carve out a career for himself. After working as a restaurant manager for 12 years, he struck out on his own and established Dining Concepts, opening Bombay Dreams in Central in December 2002.

But just as he opened Bombay Dreams in Kowloon a few months later, Sars hit Hong Kong.

"We lost about 80 per cent of business in Kowloon and 50 to 60 per cent in Central overnight," Sekhri recalls. "We kept our fingers crossed in the hopes that no one in the building was diagnosed with Sars, otherwise it would be under quarantine for four weeks."

Pick of the Week: Coloured Gemstones

The Pink Powder ring by Nicola Pulvertaft
What We Like: The Pink Powder ring by Nicola Pulvertaft.

Why We Like It: The bling-tastic Pink Powder ring fashioned by London-based fine jewellery designer Nicola Pulvertaft is undoubtedly a stunner.

The ring is set with a 1.88 carat pink sapphire centre and an additional 1.75 carats of pink sapphires encircling the central stone.

The sparkler reminds you of spinning targets of clay pigeon shooting and the mandala patterns of meditation rings.

This sumptuous cocktail ring, which can be spun on its signature ‘double-barrelled’ shank, glows with concentric circles of rose-coloured sapphires.

In our opinion, the Pink Powder ring is a great addition to your treasure chest, especially for lovers of coloured gemstones and cocktail jewellery.

FYI: You can also have the ring crafted in 18k yellow, rose or white gold alternates.

Pick of the Week: Sports Tickers

Class-1 Automatic Chronograph Skeleton by Edox.What We Like  : Class-1 Automatic Chronograph Skeleton by Edox.

Why We Like It  : Taking cue from its partnership with Class-1 World Powerboat Championships, Edox pays tribute with an endurance timepiece worthy of the sport, and the stealth of the marine man.

But in our opinion, you don’t need to power a boat to fancy this baby, because the Class-1 Automatic Chronograph Skeleton is a gorgeous super-sized watch (45 mm) which showcases the artistic intricacies of a ticker via its Skeleton framework dial.

A transparent caseback, stainless steel case and glistening black ceramic bezel highlight the open design, and the Calibre 95 movement coupled with water-resistance of over 600ft, makes the watch score high on functionality just as much as on appearance.

The sturdy looking limited edition is ably finished off with a genuine black rubber strap to sync with the tough game-player vibe most boys will relate to.

Gold Heart Pendant

Many people wear a gold heart pendant and it is a very popular way of wearing gold and perhaps having a keepsake enclosed inside.

Most gold heart pendants are 10 to 14 karat gold with the occasionally 18 karat gold. Because it is worn quite a bit it is not such a good idea to have one that is more pure such as 22 and 24 karat gold. Gold is a soft metal and easy to wear away with constant use and also be affected by the various oils, creams, soaps and perfumes put on the skin.

The 14, 18 and lesser karat gold is usually mixed or alloyed with silver, nickel and other metals to increase their durability and help the piece to last longer. This make it ideal for jewellery which is being worn very frequently or for long periods of time.

It needs to be well looked after however and cleaned on a regular basis. Warm soapy water rinsed well and completely dried periodically will help to keep your gold heart pendant in good condition.

There is a big variety of gold heart pendant s to be worn so it is a matter of taste and what sort of fashion statement you want to make in selecting a gold heart pendant that suits you.

Some people prefer a very small gold heart pendant but others will go for a really big one or perhaps something in between. Even with a simple thing like this it is a good idea to take some time to select carefully so that you pick the best one and also for the best price.

Sometimes, if you scout around, you can find something that suits you for less than you expect.

Putting some effort into locating t\just the right gold heart pendant will ensure you get great satisfaction from it for years to come.

Pick of the Week: Diamond Jewellery

Promise of Peace by Rohit Bal for Forevermark.
What We Like: Promise of Peace by Rohit Bal for Forevermark.

Why We Like It: Elaborate yet intricate, all at the same time, Rohit Bal’s Promise of Peace necklace takes inspiration from the crafts of Kashmir, paying ode to the valley’s rich cultural heritage.

This statement-making piece of jewellery scores high on all accounts—it’s one-of-a-kind, it’s designer, it’s studded with diamonds…

…1,838 Forevermark diamonds, totaling an impressive 32.58 carats, to be exact.

The detailed design aesthetic puts an unique spin on the tried and tested flowers-in-bloom concept, and the jewelled ornament sits close on your neck, reflecting a lumiscent glow on the face and eyes of the wearer.

Consider this for a wedding, a social do, or even as an investment piece, Promise of Peace by Rohit Bal is an artistic and contemporary twist on traditional techniques.

Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold plated jewellery is commonly available and even popular with many people. Mostly the best one can say about gold plated jewellery is that it is cheap.

It is not as good as solid gold, even the 10 karat gold jewellery as. To start with it is usually a base metal, such as nickel or steel, and the gold plating, regardless of the thickness, will eventually wear away.

Gold plating can be thick or thin, usually thin and it is never 22 or 24 karat but usually 10 ot 14 karat gold. This is actually better as is a bit harder and longer lasting. 10 or 14 karat gold has been mixed with other alloys such as silver, nickel and zinc for example and so is more durable than pure gold which is quite soft and malleable.

But the amount of gold in gold plated jewellery is going to be extremely small and certainly not worth the price one pays for it. It also has virtually no resale value regardless of how much the value of gold increases.

If, for any reason, you find it necessary to buy gold plated jewellery make sure that the gold is an appreciable thickness. It is no good if it becomes worn off after a week or so with use. Also you need at least 14 karat gold and not less otherwise it will hardly even look like gold.

18 and 22 karat gold is ok but it is very unlikely you will ever find that degree of gold in a gold plated jewellery article.

The care and maintenance would be the same as for any gold piece. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse well ensuring that all the soap is fully removed. Then dry fully so no water remains to rust the metal alloys.

However, gold plated jewellery has it's place and can be quite useful, perhaps to replace a more valuable piece for example, so is not entirely bad and it does enable those who are not fortunate enough to be able to own pure gold a substitute.

Top 5 Water-Proof Watches

We're just using the monsoons as an excuse to bring you this watch listing. Here's a round up of some of the best waterproof luxury watches out there.

Rado True JubileThe Rado True Jubile chronograph is a watch you could pair with an androgynous outfit or a formal outfit. This bracelet-style watch is encased in ceramic. The dial has 62 diamonds fixed on it. The dial is covered with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It also has three sub-dials showing you the minutes, seconds and one tenth of a second. The Rado True Jubile is available in white and black.

Dior Christal Purple Rubber WatchThe Dior Christal 38mm chronograph is something you can wear to make your outfit funky. Chase the monsoon blues with this purple rubber bracelet watch. It has a purple lacquer dial and has diamonds set in rows around it along with purple crystals. There are crystals set in the centre of the rubber bracelet too. This water resistant watch is available in colours like cream, white, black and blue.

Jaeger Le Coultre Diving Lady Ceramique WatchIf you want something that says ‘no nonsense’, then this is the watch you should get. This one is for divers and can be used even for deep sea diving. This practical yet chic watch is also scratch-proof thanks to its ceramic bracelet strap. It has 16 diamonds arranged in rows around its dial. You can choose between a black and pink dial and a pure black dial. It has a date-indicator and a sub-dial that shows a second time-zone.

Hublot Big Bang Mens WatchEverything Hublot is simply desirable. And you will know when you look at the Hublot ceramic cased watch attached to a gummy alligator and rubber strap. They are not only flexible and are corrosion resistant, but sweat and water resistant too. The watch has twelve screws on the dial marking hours. The dial features the Hublot emblem. Available in red and black.

Omega Seamaster Planet OceanThis one too is for professional divers. This steel encased watch has a rotating ion-plated bezel. The dial is attached to a leather strap embossed with croc. The dial is covered with a anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The dial with silver luminous numerals also has Arabic numbers. Available in black and orange.


Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon

Brillant, blanc, épuré et puissant, le Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT sera dévoilé au Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2014 (SIHH) de Genève. Destiné aux amateurs d’horlogerie d’avant-garde, il ne tolère aucun compromis technique ni esthétique.

Sa carrure en titane sculpté, son bracelet intégré en caoutchouc et sa lunette en céramique blanche mettent idéalement en valeur le cadran aux accents architecturaux, ouvert sur la cage du tourbillon et la fonction GMT, dans une totale harmonie entre boîtier et mouvement. Mais la principale nouveauté 2014 réside dans le parti pris chromatique : un virage blanc incarné par le fascinant pont supérieur en céramique. Un tour de force rendu possible uniquement grâce à la haute maîtrise des matériaux atteinte par Audemars Piguet.


Hommage avant-gardiste au légendaire modèle octogonal Royal Oak d’Audemars Piguet, la Royal Oak Concept a vu le jour en 2002. Dessinée trente ans plus tôt par Gérald Genta, elle était alors devenue la toute première montre de luxe au monde en acier inoxydable.

Le boîtier ultra résistant en Alacrite 602 du premier modèle Concept avait bénéficié de lignes plus arrondies afin de mieux sublimer la lunette octogonale avec ses huit vis hexagonales, signée Gérard Genta. Le cadran avait été retiré, laissant apparaître les minuscules subtilités mécaniques internes. Ce design ambitieux a été repris dans tous les modèles de la série Concept, depuis le Tourbillon et Chronographe Royal Oak Carbon Concept (2008), garde-temps ultra léger combinant pour la première fois un boîtier et un mouvement en carbone forgé, jusqu’au Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT (2011), muni d’un boîtier en titane ultra léger et hyper résistant doublé d’une lunette octogonale, de poussoirs et d’une couronne en céramique noire.

Cette année, le Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT a délaissé le noir au profit du blanc sur la lunette, la couronne et les poussoirs en céramique, offrant ainsi un contraste plus marqué avec la carrure en titane. Dans un style précurseur qui a fait sa réputation, la Manufacture est allée plus loin en incorporant la céramique au sein même du mouvement, remplaçant le pont supérieur noir du Calibre 2913 par un pont en céramique blanche. L’effet est saisissant : le nouveau Calibre 2930 est métamorphosé et la double symétrie entre les ponts du tourbillon et l’affichage GMT accentue la dynamique du pont aux allures de sablier.


La céramique blanche est environ neuf fois plus dure que l’acier : la fabrication de la lunette, des poussoirs, de la couronne et du pont supérieur, de forme particulièrement complexe, s’est donc révélée particulièrement longue.

La céramique est un matériau composite pratiquement inrayable, qui ne peut céder que face à une fraiseuse équipée d’un outil diamant. Façonner les surfaces et les arêtes de céramique brute jusqu’à obtenir une texture polie ou satinée représente un véritable défi technique en raison de la résistance structurelle de ce matériau à l’abrasion. Huit heures de travail environ sont nécessaires pour réaliser une lunette Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT, contre 45 minutes pour une lunette en acier. Outre son aspect velouté exceptionnel, la céramique se distingue par son excellente résistance à l’usure.

Le titane utilisé pour la carrure et le verre saphir allie lui aussi dureté extrême et confort, avec une légèreté deux fois supérieure à l’acier. Un avantage certain vu la générosité du boîtier de 44 mm. Le rehaut interne entourant le cadran, constitué d’aluminium ultra léger, anodisé pour une dureté accrue, confirme la maîtrise approfondie d’Audemars Piguet des métaux et des matériaux high-tech.

Avec ce cocktail audacieux de métaux et de céramique, Audemars Piguet inaugure un nouveau chapitre dans sa quête sans cesse renouvelée d’innovation, amorcée il y a plus de quarante ans avec l’emploi inédit de l’acier inoxydable dans une montre de luxe.


L’élément qui définit les montres Concept Audemars Piguet a toujours été la cohérence unique entre le boîtier et le mouvement. Le « moteur » ultra moderne de la montre se fond à la perfection à l’intérieur du « châssis », dont l’esthétique futuriste s’inscrit à la fois comme un prolongement et une vitrine des merveilles mécaniques internes.

Véritable prouesse technologique, le Calibre 2930 qui anime le Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT est un mouvement à remontage manuel avec tourbillon et double barillet, qui offre une réserve de marche de 10 jours. On notera également la fonction GMT qui permet d’afficher l’heure dans un deuxième fuseau horaire.

Sa précision de marche est assurée par un échappement cadencé à 3Hz (21 600 alt/h), qui effectue une révolution toutes les 60 secondes à l’intérieur de la cage du tourbillon, de manière à compenser les écarts dus à la gravité lorsque la montre est maintenue en position verticale.

La cage du tourbillon comprend 85 composants, qui totalisent un poids de seulement 0,45 gramme. Il faut près de trois jours à un horloger chevronné pour assembler ces 85 composants, dont deux jours complets pour la cage. Plus de deux semaines de travail sont nécessaires pour assembler la montre complète. Audemars Piguet fait partie des rares manufactures pouvant revendiquer une maîtrise totale de cette complication, avec à son actif plus de 25 mouvements différents dotés d’un tourbillon. Chaque composant est biseauté, poli, assemblé et équilibré à la main.

L’affichage GMT permet de lire l’heure instantanément dans un deuxième fuseau horaire. Le réglage de celui-ci s’effectue via le poussoir situé à 4 heures, chaque pression correspondant à un incrément d’une heure. L’affichage du deuxième fuseau horaire, exprimé sur 12 heures, s’articule autour de deux disques superposés pour plus de lisibilité. Le premier disque, effectue un tour complet en 12 heures. Le deuxième, disposé juste en dessous, accomplit une révolution en 24 heures et se divise en deux moitiés : une zone blanche pour le jour et une zone noire figurant la nuit, en complément de la lecture des chiffres.

Grâce au système de double barillet parallèle breveté par Audemars Piguet, le Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT peut fonctionner pendant 10 jours avant d’être remonté manuellement, générant une force constante pendant quelque 237 heures d’autonomie, gage d’une meilleure précision de marche.

L’énergie générée par les deux barillets du Calibre 2930 est transmise simultanément au mobile grâce à un pignon individuel qui permet de les coupler. Un dispositif incontestablement plus efficace que le procédé habituel, consistant à monter en série deux barillets dotés de cinq jours de réserve de marche chacun. Les avantages sont multiples : pression réduite sur le mobile (les frottements des barillets servant à contrebalancer les variations du couple), meilleure précision, autonomie plus élevée et fiabilité accrue.

Le Tourbillon Royal Oak Concept GMT est également doté d’un mécanisme d’indicateur de position de la couronne. Selon la position dans laquelle se trouve la tige de remontoir, l’aiguille positionnée à 6 heures indique la fonction sélectionnée. Les lettres H, N et R correspondent aux trois positions de la tige de remontoir : réglage de l’heure, neutre et remontage, respectivement.

Fathers Day Gold Jewellery

What could you get for Fathers Day gold jewellery? Perhaps a gold signet ring? Or even a gold key ring, some cuff links, tie pin, a pendant, or even a bracelet. All can make a great gift for Fathers Day.

It is a very good idea to know before you go, so understanding what sort of gold is available and the sort of gold jewellery is important. Your budget will be the first factor followed by what sort of jewellery does your father like? Also what size, especially with rings and bracelets, is important.

Whatever you buy it is wise to look at the quality of gold of the jewellery and what type of gemstones are used.

18 karat gold is most likely to be the best. 22 and 24 karat gold tends to be too soft for jewellery, especially for a man, and 18 or 14 karat is better for jewellery worn a lot. 10 and 9 karat jewellery is mostly other metal and gold plated is going to wear off after a while so really should be avoided.

It is worth while browsing the various jewelers and looking to select something your father would really appreciate. Ensure that the specifications of the piece are clearly show. The karat of the gold, type of gold, yellow, white etc. Also if there is a gemstone in the piece, check the setting. Is it a good fit? Is the stone lose in the setting?

If there is a gemstone, what sort of stone is it? Diamond? Emerald? Ruby? What are the quality and characteristics of the stone. Does it come with a certificate of appraisal to show that it is a) genuine, and b) of good quality?

All these are important points to keep in mind.

It can be fun getting Fathers Day gold jewellery and, with some careful thought and patience, it can be a gift that will last a lifetime.

Pearl Gold Bracelet

A pearl gold bracelet can look really beautiful if it is done right. Getting the right pearl is important and ensuring it fits in well with the gold bracelet.

A good quality bracelet is important, 14 or `18 karat gold is good because it is not too soft and is sturdy enough o be worn every day if required. 14 Karat gold would be about 55 percent gold and the balance silver, palladium or some other harder metal to give durability. 18 Karat gold would have about 85 percent gold and the rest metal. 22 and 24 karat gold would probably be too soft to wear so much and such bracelets should really be reserved for special occasions when they are not worn very often.

Pearls come in a diverse range of types and sizes and qualities. From the romantic black pearls of the south seas to the shiny lustrous freshwater pearls and famous akoya pearls from the orient.

Much information on pearls and choosing them can be found at All About Pearls where information on the various types can be found.

Do ensure that if you are looking for a pearl gold bracelet that you do lots of window shopping and checking around at what is available. Ask lots of question and really get to know what is available. There is nothing like due diligence when it comes to buying something that can be quite expensive.

Maintaining a pearl gold bracelet is important, especially if you are wearing it a lot. The gold and other metals and even the pearl can be subject to an amazing range of oils, creams, perfumes and body fluids, many of which can react adversely to the bracelet. It pays to keep it in good condition. A wash in warm soapy water and well rinsed to get off any grime and then well dried will help to keep it in good condition.

Keeping in mind the above will help to ensure that you have a pearl gold bracelet that lasts for a lifetime and gives you great pleasure!