The Significance Of Wearing Bone Jewelry

The carving designs in particular have special significance. It has no written language pf tribal history and the stories of the gods were kept with the use of different forms of fine arts and crafts ranging from cloth weaving to complex bone carvings. These artifacts were handed down through different generations of tribal elders and became sacred treasures, taking on the spirits of warriors who had worn them.

Styles are common to many tribes including nose rings, necklaces, armlets, earrings and other ornamentation. One carving is as old as the civilization itself. Earliest people carved bone for household implements, adornment and tools. Every culture that carves African bone jewelry, carves icons unique to their surroundings and heritage. The majority of these cultures is believed that the wearer's essence is penetrated to the bone as they wear it.

When the wearer dies, the carving can be passed on the next one and benefits from the essence of the carved bones. An old carving bone is often the color of dark honey. A lot of traditional carved bone pieces find the origins evolving in the pieces of art with a spiritual message. These days, carvings are known as a perfect travel gift.

Carving indicates cultural identities, or a valuable talisman and a family heirloom. Most of the carved jewelries may come in different materials and shapes. There are also mirrors traditional shapes and styles and others have distinct signatures of the carver, while others may venture to contemporary designs. There are also varieties that make the carving valuable gifts for lots of occasions.

When making jewelries, carvers choose materials for their magical or spiritual qualities. Animal claws, shells, crystals, sticks and other things were used to create bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well as other unique adornments worn by both women and men. Most of the hunters and other tribes would adorn themselves with animal parts and bones to gain strength and protection from the animal's spirit.

Although these jewelries had a great spiritual meaning, some indicate your status in life ans some simply worn for body decoration. The belief is when a carving changes owner, the spiritual energy may also strengthen the new wearer. The important achievements of every owner have become more valuable.

Bones of whales, birds, dogs and humans were materials in a traditional carving apart from shells and wood. Most of these materials also served as unique purposes like shape, size and strength. There are also highly treasures like whalebones for the density and size. These days, beef bones are used for most carved pendants.

Smoking with leaves or honey will result in color variations that could enhance the natural texture in carved jewelries. There are some carvers who reach the color nuances but using different bones. Great sources are pig tusks, horse bones, goat horns and deer antlers.

Jewelry pendants and tools made from the most developed craft into a fine art from with great importance being placed on the pieces. Some have inlays of precious stones and colorful shell and all have a story or meaning behind their designs. The meanings of some elements may vary depending on the region but with common roots.

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