What You Need To Know In Order To Identify Real Sterling Silver Jewelry

The metal used in making of different ornaments is known as 925 Ag. The metals strength and durability is improved by mixing with metals such as nickel and copper. The other metals also aid in improving its appearance. In order to know whether sterling silver jewelry is real, it should have 7.5% non silver metals and 92.5% pure silver metals. The metals percentage proportion is a good indicator to know if the jewel is real.

There are times when you will find an ornament which has an overlay of genuine Ag on top of another metal. This is usually referred to as Ag plating and is not considered as 925 Ag because the plated type is prone to wearing out after using it for some time which reveals the underneath metal of a less quality. There are a lot of Ag ornaments available in the market today but it is good to know how to identify the real ones. Below are tips on how to go about it.

The first tactic that can be used is using a magnet on the 925 Ag products. A magnet will be quite using in identifying what to go for. This is because real silver products cannot be attracted by a magnet. Products made of stainless steel are easily attracted by the magnet. Therefore, you should think twice if the product is attracted by a magnet.

Generally a 925 Ag ornament will be marked with . 925, S925 or just 925 on the clasp or even on the underside of the ornament. This is an identification mark engraved during the crafting process of the metal. If your ornament does not bear any of these marks then it is not genuine Ag.

It is recommended that you should use a soft cloth for rubbing the ornament in order to look for the black markings. If you find the markings, then the ornament is original. When 925 Ag is exposed to the air it oxidizes thus, changing the color. The test will not apply for those ornaments that have being plated using platinum.

Melting your ornament is another tactic that can be used in the identification process. When melting, you should pay attention to the smell. Here, the smell is used in identifying genuine products. This is because only fake products will produce a certain smell especially those made from brass or copper. Cost is another factor that will be useful. This is because genuine products are quite expensive while compared to fake ones. When purchasing ornaments that come at a cheap price, you should be extra careful since the cost could be a good indicator that they are not real.

Nitric acid can also be used to test the ornament. If the ornament is Ag-plated or it is a low quality alloy of Ag, when nitric acid is applied on it, it immediately turns green due to the fact that it has high copper content. The real one is supposed to turn to a creamy color when nitric acid is applied. Care should be taken when handling this kind of chemicals because of their toxic nature.

You now have a reason to smile especially if you want to take the easy way out when searching for genuine sterling silver jewelry. This is because there are reputable sellers available both online and locally. The main advantage about dealing with reputable sellers is that they offer quality products. Thus, you are assured of real products. Going for these sellers will help in eliminating all the doubts as well as getting what your heart desires.

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