Rhinestone Pins Make Lovely Embellishments

A key part of any wardrobe is a collection of versatile accessories. These pieces can create a certain look with any outfit or add some finesse to an otherwise plain garment. There are a lot of ways items such as beautiful vintage brooches, classic metal design clips or sparkling rhinestone pins may be utilized to embellish any ensemble.

Since the Bronze Age, these trinkets have been used to embellish clothing for both looks and function. From their simple start as a way to keep tunics, shirts or pants fastened, brooches have grown to serve many fashionable purposes. With thousands of designs ranging from practically simple to quite elaborate, it should be possible to find a look that is appropriate for any need or occasion.

There is no rule that states one style is any better than the other, but one should take care to make sure the piece is appropriate for the garment on which it will be worn. An example of this would be like placing a cuff link sized pin on a flowered blouse or a huge and elaborate clip on a lapel. The idea is to give the outfit a boost without the brooch becoming camouflaged in the pattern or over powering the entire look.

Another thing to be cautious of is making sure the brooch is not too heavy for the material upon which it will be placed. A heavy piece on a thin fabric may create an unattractive sag and possibly rip the clothing. The trick is to find a clip that compliments the garment in size, weight and appearance.

While selection is mainly left to personal preference, there are a couple tips that one should consider. The first is that a person should not wear any accessory that gives them any kind of discomfort. The second is to always stick to designs, colors, styles and sizes that fit the individual's tastes and lifestyles so that they will feel happy with the choice.

There are a great many variations on how one can wear a brooch. There was a time when the traditional placement was on the chest as one would pin a corsage, though that is no longer the standard. In modern fashion, they are being utilized as fasteners for belts, sashes and scarves as well as embellishments for shoes that are otherwise too plain.

As a piece of jewelry, these items can be so much more than just a pin placed on one's clothing. Paired with a string of pearls, it can create a whole new necklace, or several bracelets or bangles can be hooked together with the pin to form a completely different wrist accessory. They can also be added to a headband for a bit of flair or simply used in the same fashion that a barrette would to accentuate a hair style.

Practically any outfit can be fancied up a bit by the addition of shiny rhinestone pins, classic metal clips or brooches of vintage styling. With a little creativity, these items can easily be transformed into other pieces of jewelry such as hair barrettes, rings, bracelets and necklaces. They are an essential part of any versatile wardrobe collection.

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