Rhinestone Earrings For All Occasions

Jewelry is a special way to symbolize a special relationship or to commemorate a treasured memory or event. Wearing various pieces is also a great way to give an outfit that little something extra that just pulls the whole ensemble together. A sparkling pair of rhinestone earrings, a beautiful necklace or a set of bangles can do a lot towards setting the mood of one's overall look.

Women have been decorating their ankles, wrists, necks, fingers and ears with various types of jewelry for centuries. Some pieces are worn to represent marital status or to show certain social standing, though most of these accessories are simply donned to make a person feel and look more impressive. The available choices are virtually endless, being made from a variety of materials and in numerous designs.

Many pieces are fashioned from silver and gold and are often accentuated by arrangements of beautiful stones and gems. Among the favored choices are diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, sapphires and rubies because they are known for their amazing ability to sparkle. Unfortunately, those items are usually a bit expensive so many people turn to high quality substitutes made from rhinestones and Cubic Zirconia.

Rhinestones are artificial gems that can be cut and colored to imitate more expensive stones with near perfect likeness but at a much lower cost. Their cost is usually reflected in the material from which they are created because that will have an impact on both their clarity and sparkle. With options in paste, plastic, glass and crystal, there is a product of this type to fit practically anyone's price range.

In the beginning all rhinestones were made from the rocks that lined the Rhine river's banks because those stones had a unique ability to beautifully refract light. Modern pieces are made through molding acrylic plastics or glass into specific shapes and covering the flat backs with a substance made of powdered metal to give them a reflective property. The best quality products with the most authentic look are actually cut from the best quartz crystal.

Wearing accessories made with this type of sparkling stone allows everyone the opportunity to dress up in high glitz fashion. These items come in a several degrees of quality, the crystals manufactured by the Swarovski company are undisputed best products available in this genre. Each individual piece is hand cut from the finest quartz with such precision that they are nearly identical in appearance to their genuine counterparts.

They are also much more durable than any other option. High quality quartz is quite hard so it does not break, crack, scuff or cloud up as most other materials are prone to do. The sparkle generated by well cut crystals is so impressive that most people find it difficult to determine whether or not they are actual gemstones without close inspection.

Beautiful pieces of jewelry that are loaded with sparkle and glitz do not have to cost a fortune. Rhinestone earrings and other accessories can be just as impressive as pieces made with actual diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones. These products are available in styles that range from ones that are perfect for every day use, to those that are sure to garner positive attention at the most prestigious of events.

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