The Significance Of Dance Jewelry

Ornaments has been an integral part of many cultures from the beginning of time. Men wore it as a sign of wealth and power, women wore it to look more beautiful. The art of dance has also evolved along side jewelry and now they have become intertwined. The tradition of Dance jewelry has become a necessary part of some performances as well as adding aesthetics to the costumes. The dancers pay close attention to each piece and how it is worn.

Dancers choose the jewelry for each outfit, agonizing over each choice. Many of the pieces have a symbolic meaning attached. There are books written detailing which pieces should be worn for each dance. You will see this in many religious ceremonies.

Traditional Belly Dancers adorn themselves with these ornaments that wow factor to their outfits. Gold and silver are used for a lot of the ornaments because it shines and clinks to add dramatic visual and sound effects to each movement.

India is known for its love of dance. Classical dancers are adorned from the tops of their head to the their toes. They wear headdresses, foot ornament as well as bracelets, necklaces and armlets. Semi-precious and precious stones are set into ornaments made from Gold or Silver. Liberal use is made of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. While many pieces are mandatory the dancer still put a lot of thought into what pieces they buy. Seeing a classical dancer perform, you will soon be enthralled by the beauty and symmetry of the movements and enchanted by the costumes.

When shopping in a shop there will be many types of ornaments but not all can be incorporated into costumes, dancing ones are specific. Classical dancers wear what has come to be known as temple jewelry. Depending on their experience level you will see them mostly in authentic pieces, juniors and students use the imitations since it is less expensive. Real gems and metals can be heavy and this is one problem with wearing authentic pieces.. The ornament is not used to cover up the dance since their bodies are meant to be seen.

Gold is the metal of choice for Temple ones in the southern region. The belief is that Gold promotes well-being in the wearer. Odissi dancers are fonder of silver but they too use lots of gemstones in the designs.

The ornament is not big or bulky since the dancers have to use their limbs for many intricate steps. You will find that Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi or Kathak, have place so much importance on dancing jewelry that there are guides for what to wear for each dance.

Dance jewelry is as old as the culture itself. This ornament plays an important role in the lives of all Indian women. No matter how poor she is she will have at least one piece of ornament. Celebrations also have their traditional dances and the ornament worn for each type of celebration is specific. Jewelry does more than signify wealth and status it can be a way to invoke spirits of deities through dance and more.

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