The Beauty Of African Bead Jewelry

The beads produced in Africa have for centuries been used to make jewelry. Libya was the first place beadwork was discovered and it has since spread all over the world. African jewellery happens to be the most sort after because of its high quality, exclusive design and also wearing them gives one the feeling of tradition. Authentic African bead jewelry is the most unique type of jewels in the world and it will always be fashionable.

How does one start making beaded jewellery? The art of making these pieces is complicated but once you master it, it becomes really easy. First you can start with making simple earrings. The technique you have to be well versed with is making good, well designed wire loops. Do not expect to be perfect the first time since it takes a lot of practice.

So what makes beaded jewellery so unique? African jewelry is famous for the way they are handcrafted. Africans were the first to make jewels hence their designs are becoming better and better not to say the designs are to die for. They are high class jewels and they are of top quality. You will never be let down when it comes to beaded African pieces.

Are there any specific types of jewels that are made from beads? Beaded ornaments are not restricted to a specific type of jewelry. All jeweleries can be made from beads. For example beaded nowadays are adorned fashionably by wearing them on clothes dresses and also tops. Other beaded pieces includes the bracelets, pendants and other types of tribal pieces.

What is the importance of these jewelries? African inspired pieces are the best forms of gifts to both women and men and they will never disappoint. Also, if you are looking for something unique be it the design or the type of beads used to make a certain type of jewelry, then all you need to do is go African and get whatever you want. Its also pocket friendly and you will not spend a lot.

What are beads made of? Since time immemorial, Africans have normally used organic materials to make their beads. Well that was long ago but nowadays industries all over the world are also making beads hence the materials have become diverse. The following are materials used to make beads.sea shells, glass, amber, ivory, bones and also carved stone.

Do these beads portray any traditional importance? Africans wore their jewellery according to their traditions. For example the Maasai women adorn amazing jewelry during special occasions depending on the colors and designs. The designs gives information about the wearer be it the social status one holds in the society to the family one belongs to.

Africa continues to be the leading producer of traditional beadwork though nowadays, there are industries all over the world that manufacturers such pieces. They are normally for sale to the tourists, the locals and also on sale through the many online websites. All in all, they are known for their most unique and stunning which make them admirable to people of all walks of life.

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