Interesting Facts About Swarovski Crystals San Francisco Collectors Should Know

The Swarovski name has been associated with some of the world's finest crystal since 1895. Esteemed for its exceptional luminosity and vivid range of colors, this leaded-glass crystal is desired by both those who collect and those who make jewelry. When in the market for Swarovski crystals San Francisco CA buyers must know how to recognize a genuine piece, and be familiar with the selection available to them.

The glass used to craft this crystal contains a high amount of lead, which gives it its characteristic diamond-like appearance. They can be cut into a wide variety of shapes, each type being represented by a four-digit number code. Examples of the many cuts available include round, cube, bicone, rondell, oval, teardrop, and heart. Some are also designed to be strung or sewed onto material for original creations.

Suitable to be worn with any outfit, dressy or casual, the versatility of Swarovski crystal accessories makes them the perfect gift idea for both men and women who love sparkling jewelry. They are often combined with metal settings to make rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more. Not only can these crystals be worn, but they are also used to fashion many beautiful collector's items such as vases, sculptures, and Christmas ornaments.

Perhaps the most intriguing quality of this crystal is the way it exudes rays of many colors when held up to the light. While the crystal typically has a base color, various hues of this will be emitted when light hits the piece. This is possible due to a special chemical process in its manufacture which allows the crystal to absorb varying light wavelengths and reflect them back.

A special proprietary blend of metallic compounds is used to produce these chemical coatings which are applied with heat to each crystal. Either a single or double application of this finish may be added, those with two are designated as "2X". Standard Swarovski finishes include the more subtle color and satin finishes, and the multi-faceted Aurora Borealis and its 2X variation. Each type is made in a variety of colors and shades.

Buyers must be aware that there are some imposters out there, so it is essential that one knows the marks of a genuine Swarovski. Typically, an authentic crystal will be free of any bubbles, have an even luster and high sparkle from even cutting, all facets will point upwards and uniformly meet at the same junctures, and the place of manufacture will be stamped as "Wattens, Austria".

Collectors who are interested in purchasing a vintage piece from a particular era, can date it using the signature mark, which in most cases consists of both words and an image, but sometimes the latter is omitted. Another way to assess the age of a crystal piece is if it has an Aurora Borealis finish, since this was not introduced until 1956, any with this finish were made in this year or later.

It is important to properly care for these delicate pieces if they are to retain their luster and not get damaged. Polishing regularly with a soft cloth helps maintain shine, and they should preferably be stored in a soft pouch to prevent scratches. One must avoid wearing this jewelry while swimming, and it should not come into contact with cosmetic products.

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