Helpful Tips For Buying Mens Titanium Rings

Since the late 1990's titanium jewelry has continued to grow in popularity mainly due to its stylish, durable, lightweight nature. In particular this shiny, lustrous metal is becoming one of the top choices of materials for men's rings, including wedding bands. It differs in some way from other common metals such as gold, so when one is shopping for mens titanium rings it's a good idea to understand some basic facts about it.

Titanium is a natural metal with a light, shiny gray color. Various techniques can be used to alter its finish and create a different look. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of this material is its high strength to weight ratio, which makes it super-strong but also very lightweight. Because of its hardness, it is mostly shaped into simple contemporary designs with fewer added gemstones than some other metals.

While the sleek, simple styling of this metal appeals to the tastes of both sexes, it's slightly masculine appearance tends to attract more men. The fact that it is highly practical in terms of its eco-friendly manufacture, hypoallergenic nature, low heat conductivity, and indestructibility also entices many male consumers, as does the wide range of prices these rings have.

Much like other metals, titanium is categorized by its hardness, with grade 1 being the least and grade 4 being the most. Rings are normally crafted from "commercially pure" metal, which means other alloys are no more than 1 percent. Jewelry made from grade 2 to 4 metals provide the wearer ultimate scratch-resistance as well as the option to resize or engrave the ring if so desired.

Some pieces are designated "aircraft grade", which means they possess even more strength from additional metal alloys of aluminum and vanadium. Although some may prefer this kind, one must be aware of the fact that it is very difficult to remove them in case of an emergency, and they cannot be repaired, resized, or engraved due to their extreme hardness.

Black titanium rings have an elegant charm to them and are preferred by some buyers. When selecting this style however, one should find out which process was used to color the metal. If it was heat or silicon dioxide treated, the metal should maintain its color permanently, whereas it may chip away eventually if it was ion or color-plated.

A ring may also feature a combination of titanium and another metal in its design. The best choices in this category are those which have an actual inlaid strip of gold, silver or another metal, those with plating on the outside tend to scratch easily and wear away eventually, requiring buffing to restore them. Plated jewelry needs a bit more care.

It's a good idea to buy from a retailer who guarantees their work and offers at least a 30-day refund policy. Many designs can be resized if needed, but some cannot due to their particular design, if this is the case one may wish to inquire about a lifetime exchange policy. Carefully selecting the proper size from the beginning is important, most men can comfortably wear a ring in the 6 to 10 millimeter size range.

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