Learn How To Create Horse Hair Bracelets

People often wear jewelry that represents their passion for a particular sport. Wearing jewelry that symbolizes your love for a certain kind of sport. Horse hair bracelets or necklaces are a great gift for the equestrian. Even if you only admire these beautiful animals wearing one of these braided bracelets tells others that you are a horse enthusiast.

You do not need any special talent to create one of these distinctive pieces. All you really need is access to a horse so you can gather the hair you will need. The process is very simple and does not require any particular equipment. Although making the jewelry is not easy, it only takes a bit of practice to produce a nice bracelet or necklace.

The handmade jewelry makes a terrific present for the person who rides or owns horses, or for someone who just loves them. If you would rather not make the jewelry yourself they are available for purchase. There are many shops on the internet that offer the items for sale. You can even find people who create and sell them from home.

To make the jewelry there are some basic steps to follow. To begin, you will need to collect hair from a horse tail. If you have the option, gather strands from one or more horse of different colors. This will allow you to create a braid pattern with contrasting colors. No matter if you are collecting from one or more tails the amount you will need will measure in diameter approximately one inch.

Since you will need long strands take them at the tail bone. Using a rubber band, tie the strands so they stay together when you cut. Next, you will wash the strands just once. Do not use conditioner when you wash the strands. When the hairs are completely dry tightly wrap the cut end with carpet thread. Make sure that the carpet thread matches the color of the hair. Finish by gluing the thread to hold it together.

Next, decide the kind of braid you would like to create. Round braids tend to work well for this kin of jewelry. For folks who have never braided there are a number of tutorial videos available online. The craft shops will have the accessories for making jewelry and embellishments to add if you like. You can also find the fasteners you will need to complete your piece in the craft store.

Place a small bit of glue in the metal fastener and then insert the wrapped end of the strands. Use a small pliers to squeeze the fastener closed around the thread wrapped strands. Place a small cloth over the metal fastener before crimping it to prevent scratches.

Tie the fastened end of the strands to something sturdy. You can now full the hair while you work on it so the finished piece will be tightly braided. Once you have finished braiding wrap the end with the carpet thread and use the glue to seal it. Now his end is ready to be inserted into the second metal fastener and crimped shut with the pliers.

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