How To Store Your Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry To Make Them Last

If you're into premium fashion accessories, you know how expensive many of them come. That is why taking good care of them is very important to ensure their longevity. When it comes to those unique handcrafted gemstone jewelry pieces, making them remain gorgeous and sparkling for a really long time should not be that difficult, provided that you properly store them.

Do not throw out the boxes they came in originally. Commonly, they serve as proper storage spaces for your glittering accessories. You know that they make for really excellent storage spaces if their interiors are lined with felt or any other material similar to it. When not being used, your prized possessions can be kept from collecting dust and scratches if they are stashed in their boxes.

Fret not if you had mistakenly or accidentally thrown away their boxes. The smartest move for you to make is to purchase a high quality jewelry organizer. Go for something that features numerous compartments. This kind of organizer is appropriate most especially if you love collecting so many personal ornaments. Having the product around makes organizing and safekeeping your items really easy.

Go for a jewelry box whose compartments are lined. Without lining, gemstones attached to your fashion accessories may only get tiny scratches due to constant friction with the bare surface of the organizer. Since you really treasure your personal ornaments, it's just fitting for them to be kept inside a premium organizer, such as something out of hardwood and with elegant carvings.

In case you love to travel and it is your habit to take with you some of your prized possessions, buy small pouches. Each ornament you like to bring around should be placed in its very own pouch. Doing so prevents issues such as dents, scratches and tangles from taking place. When shopping for pouches, it is a good idea to go for those that are out of cotton, satin, velvet or polyester.

Especially if you are fond of silver fashion accessories, having anti-tarnish paper around is essential. It's something capable of delaying oxidation, therefore slowing down the process of tarnishing. Cut the anti-tarnish paper into strips and stash some of them inside boxes, organizer compartments and pouches. By doing this, your silver items can stay looking gleaming for a long time.

No matter the type of fashion accessory, the item should always be kept in a cool and dry place. Excess moisture can wreak havoc to your beautiful collection. It's a terrible idea to keep your personal ornaments right next to appliances that generate heat. Refrain from placing these items under direct sunlight, especially because some gemstones tend to change in color when exposed to the sun.

Take good care of your handcrafted personal ornaments because they are one of a kind. Make sure that you keep them in the right way when not being worn. You can enjoy them for a really long time by shielding them from unnecessary damage. For their longevity, always remember to stash them in their own boxes or pouches.

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