Fancy And Fashionable Silver Flash Tattoos

Self expression is the main ingredient of artwork. Many artists work on their pieces of art depending on their moods. Tattoo artists certainly have a different way of art expressionism. They do it on the flesh to make. Some are permanent which can be drawn on the skin for a lifetime, while others are temporary body art that will fade for a couple of days.

Tattoo can be temporary or permanent. Some want to have permanent inks on their flesh while others want temporary ones like henna tattoo and silver flash tattoos. These are plainly for fashion reasons. Celebrities like Shakira and Beyonce Knowles have tried some in their performances and music videos. Many other people, boys and girls, have followed this as a fashion inspiration.

You can also be considered as an artist yourself. You can make this on your own. This can also be done using silver or gold henna. With a few strokes and a pattern, you are good to go. The Vogue magazine even featured this which is why it has become more like a phenomenon than a trend.

You can see people, mostly women, in the beaches with this body art. They flash it while wearing only their two piece swimsuits. It adds elegance. Those silver ones look like jewelries and they can last for two to six days. Perfect for an almost a week summer getaway with your friends.

If you wear jewelries while swimming in the water or strolling on the shore, you may either lose them or ruin them while you are having fun with your friends. The adhesive stick on tattoos are more practical. They also stay on your flesh for almost a week.

You can express yourself in this form of body art. It can make you feel more confident. In addition, it is a very affordable kind of jewelry. Plus, you can purchase a lot of different designs that are difficult to find in real ones.

A sunscreen may affect the skin adhesiveness of it so you will not be able to apply sunscreen on the part where there is a skin art. Hence, many are using it indoors instead like in house parties and clubs. But there are still those who would risk not applying any sunscreen just to show their body art. Some even have it almost all over their body. After all, it is still chic to have some awesome tan after beaching.

If you are allergic with some tattoos and anything that sticks on your skin, skip the entire thing and use other accessories instead. There are so many other alternatives to look fashionable. Do not risk having rashes and itchy skin parts just because you want to belong.

There are some people who use too much of this accessory. Sometimes one or two is enough. Too much is just way overboard and can be very distracting. Simple styles are already sophisticated. There is no need to put too much as it may cover the real beauty of your skin. Also, it goes along fine with other accessories so you can mix and match if you like. But then again, never overcrowd your body with too much accessories.

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