Things You Might Not Know About Horse Tail Necklace

There are a lot jewelries these days but there is nothing much more unique than a horsetail made jewelry. If we are talking about quality it surely have it as well as the elegant most ornament has. For an individual who loves horse a lot, this can mean a lot to them.

On top of that, if you like western wear fashion then this kind of jewelry is a perfect company for it. For horse owners, they can also create it something like a souvenir for their beloved animal. Horse tail necklace is among the most popular product the animal can provide. It is durable and elegant enough that it can suit in every occasion and no matter what you are wearing.

We are not talking about artificial horsehair here, but a real one. This jewelries are mainly formed by a bunch of horse mane. Ideally, it should be in the tail part. The primary attribute of tail hair is that they are smooth, strong and most importantly soft. Some companies dye the tail to create variations of color.

Some machines nowadays can already make this materials in the quickest way possible. Though some other firms prefer to create in a manual manner so that they create more patterns. The drawback of using a machine is that the patterns are limited which will also limit the creativity of the craftier.

Braiding can be very difficult especially if you are not accustomed about it. This is done by just using a hand which will create intricate patterns. Before, this can only be done by hand but as the technology improves there are already equipments that can do the job as well. The most popular style of braiding includes three stand, french, round braids and some others.

For them to create the ornament, they will wove the tail in a very complex way. Once the tails are wove properly in place, they will then start attaching the precious gems on it. This will make it more valuable and elegant. Most of the gems that are attached are pearls, beads that are composed of silver or gold.

The creation of necklace is not that different. They follow the same steps as well as how they attach the gems. The best advantage of using it as the primary component for such ornament is that it is elastic especially if you want to create a bracelet. It is also strong that it will last for so long.

One bracelet is made up of a hundred strands of horsehair for about 15 inches long. Just to clarify, even though it is made up of materials that comes from the horse, it does not hurt the animal a bit. Companies that manufacture these kind of stuffs ensure that only the extra hairs that can be pulled off are processed.

If you want to stand out and be unique, then try using a horsetail jewelry. You will be amazed how wonderful it looks like with a considerable price. You can also wrap it as a gift to your horse lover friend.

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