Honor An Equine Friend In Style With Fashionable Custom Horse Hair Jewelry

Some fashion accessories for women are simply more distinctive and meaningful than the rest. Such is the case with custom horse hair jewelry created by artisans who have chosen to devote their gift to horses and those who love these gentle giants. With an assortment of personalization possibilities, any female equine lover can own something that makes her look stylish while honoring a dear friend.

These wonderful personal ornaments are crafted from the locks of horses. Both the manes and tails may be braided or woven into some wearable masterpieces. However artists are given more flexibility when tails are involved simply because of their sheer lengths. Due to their shorter lengths, the manes of horses are commonly turned by artisans into earrings, rings, bracelets and even key chains.

You are sure to find so many jewelers creating an assortment of personal ornaments out of equine tresses. A lot of these talented people are familiar with various weaving or braiding techniques. To add more sparkle to their creations, different decorative elements are added. Some really popular examples include silver charms, glass beads, rhinestones, gems and engraved metal plates.

Refrain from assuming that all of today's artisans are the same. You can be certain that one is different from the rest when it comes to skill, creativity and experience. Also, not all artisans can give you the kind of customization touches that can really impress and make heads turn. Fashion accessories created from the tails or manes of horses are indeed unique. However, they can become more appealing and special if they have a dash of personalization.

Opt for an artisan that enables you to select from an assortment of customization possibilities. This kind of jeweler is able to come up with a one-of-a-kind creation by incorporating the desires of a customer into the fashion accessory. It's a good idea to have a talk with the jeweler of your choice if you want the item you are ordering to suit your style and worthy of being a treasured memento.

Primarily, what makes these fashion accessories complete standouts is the fact that they are out of the tresses of horses. Tail or mane, it can woven or braided in varying ways, limited only by the skill and experience of the jeweler. If you want something that is truly eye-catching, the use of locks with different colors may be requested to really make the patterns created visible.

In order to make each and every piece created look as unique as possible, an assortment of decorative elements may be added. The ones to be included are of course chosen by the women who are in need of these fabulous accessories and keepsakes. Sparkling birthstones and metal plates engraved with names, initials or short dedications are some highly personalized additions to these wearable artworks.

It's important for any woman to choose both the best artisans and decorative elements in order to own a truly unique personal ornament that allows her to look her best as well as commemorate a good friend. Fashion accessories out of the locks of horses are undeniably eye-catching. They will surely catch more attention if they're created by talented artisans and given a dash of personalization.

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