How To Keep Vintage Rhinestone Bracelets From Losing Their Beauty

Accessorizing makes your clothes look more interesting. It also helps bring attention to your unique style and personality. It is certainly a great idea to maintain the unmistakable beauty of your vintage rhinestone bracelets so that you can shine whenever you are wearing them. Fortunately for you, keeping them sparkling should not take up much of your precious time and energy.

Making sure that those rhinestones are constantly sparkling and the rest of the parts gleaming are the primary goals. Otherwise, there is no use in wearing these personal ornaments around your wrist. Especially because they are placed right next to the hands which you use for carrying out a lot of things, it is particularly important to be certain that your accessories are in top form.

When these items are not being used, remember to store them in the proper manner. Jewelry experts recommend for any style conscious female just like you to opt for the use of a top-notch organizer. The best one to get is something that has multiple sections to prevent tangles. Check that each comes lined with felt or any other type of soft material that prevents scratches.

Make it a habit to keep the box a fashion accessory originally comes in as you may choose to stash every item in its own packaging. Especially if you are considering selling your collection some time in the future, it is a good idea to place them inside their own boxes for added market value. Placing them in individual pouches when traveling can keep them from harm.

There are a few things that can be regarded as enemies of your vintage fashion accessories. Water is one of them as it can damage the foil. Without this part at the back, rhinestones won't look as dazzling as diamonds and other gems. It's due to this reason why you should not dunk a bracelet in water or leave it in a spot where there's a lot of water vapor present in the air.

Eventually, you will have to clean the individual rhinestones to ensure that they are just as dazzling as the day that you bought the bracelet. The best way to do this is to polish the pieces with a soft cloth dampened a little with glass cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaners on any of your jewelries. As earlier said, it is not really a good idea to soak the item in water to bring back its beauty.

A polishing cloth may be used to buff the metal parts. Opting for this cheap and readily available cleaning solution is perhaps the fastest and safest way for you to bring back the lost appeal of your fashion accessories. When stubborn stain is present, you may use a soft toothbrush dampened with water. Make sure that you completely dry the item just before you stash it in the organizer.

Keep those rhinestones from being touched by harsh chemicals. Remember to wear them only after you have applied your daily cosmetic products such as body lotion, perfume and hairspray. At the end of the day, remove your bracelet before changing clothes. Doing this helps in saving the item from being scratched by the likes of zippers and metal buttons on your garments.

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