The Popularity Of Rhinestone Tiaras

You will find that many people where tiaras for a number of reasons. Over the years the rhinestone tiaras have become very popular because the rhinestones are a lot cheaper than diamonds and pearls but are just as gorgeous. Royalty wear the most expensive ones with the most expensive gems and stones.

The past several years tiaras have started being used in pageants, sweet sixteen parties and weddings. Some women don't even wait for a special occasion to wear them. The top selling tiara on the internet are the tiaras made with silver and rhinestones. You can also find silver coated, silver colored, and silver plated ones online. They are quite a bit cheaper than buying one made of sterling silver.

If you do buy a silver plated or silver coated tiaras they are not going to last as long as a sterling silver one. The silver coating will eventually start to wear off and you will be left with the copper or whatever other material they may use under the silver color.

If you are planning to wear your tiara often then you are going to want to pay the extra money and get the sterling silver one instead of the coated or plated silver ones. If you are only going to wear your tiara one time then the cheaper ones are fine. If you buy it to wear once to a dance then you should go with the cheaper one. Tiaras have become popular on the wedding scene. Most brides prefer to wear a tiara instead of any other type of head piece because they want to feel like a princess on their big day. The sterling silver ones are the preferred choice for this day because the women like to keep them as a keepsake and they don't fade.

They also come in gold settings but many women find the silver helps bring out the shine of the rhinestones better. The rhinestones are cheaper gems than diamonds but in the right setting you will find that they sparkle just like any diamond would. There is no need to pay a small fortune to get the sparkle you are looking for because with the right gem you will get that sparkle without paying too much.

Tiaras use to only be worn by royalty but not anymore. Every girl has worn a tiara at some point in their life. Whether it was a plastic toy one they wore when they were five, or whether it was a silver one with beautiful rhinestones they wore at a sweet sixteen party or whether it was one they wore during their wedding.

You might not even know this but they even have baby ones. That's right you can buy a baby tiara for infants and toddlers. These are mostly used to have pictures taken. You don't usually put one on your baby just to go out to the store but they are adorable in pictures.

Tiaras are so popular because all little girls dream of being a queen or princess and wearing a beautiful tiara. It makes them feel like royalty. Most women can't afford to buy a tiara made of gold with diamonds and other expensive stones and gems so they just settle for whatever they are able to afford which is usually the rhinestone tiara.

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