How To Clean A Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestones are rock crystal that came from the river of Rhine, which is where it got its name. This rock crystal is widely used in jewelries because of its versatility. They are also used to create imitations to make it look like a diamond. If perfectly processed, a rhinestone jewelry can also mimic the sparkling effect of gemstones. Some uses rhinestones to beautify garments and apparels.

To make the sparkle possible, the stone has a foil beneath its outer cover. This cover is mostly glass. The reason why the foil is there is that it helps to block the light that will penetrate into the glass to create an illusion that it is sparkling.

Cleaning by submerging is not a good idea to get it done, because of the delicate foil. In order for you to maintain the beauty of your rhinestone jewels, you have to follow certain methods on how to get it done. This article will help you to do this.

A good workplace where you want to clean your precious stone is a good way to start. You have to ensure that the table you will be laying down your jewelry is neat and dirt free as possible. You can use a towel or any other stuff that can serve as a platform for your precious stone.

We cannot deny the fact, that some dirt particles in the air has landed in your jewelry, so you have to properly clean that first. A canned air compressor is a good tool to do just that. If some dirt are trapped in the frame of the jewel, you can remove it by using a toothpick. Make sure you do not use metals to eliminate it because it can ruin the glass.

If it is already cleaned up from loose dirt, then you have to begin cleaning it thoroughly. You need to have a rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Alcohol is best for this kind of procedure because it dries quickly. Wet the swab as lightly as possible to ensure that your jewelry is not soaked up. Moisture can damage the appearance of it if it gets through.

You have to clean the stones individually using the cotton as well and its metal cover if present. Again, make sure that the stone is not totally wet with the alcohol because it can damage the material. If in case you accidentally soaked it up, then dry it down using the other end of the cotton.

Be sure not to put a lot of pressure to the material because some jewelry designs contain delicate parts which are exposed. To clean these parts, you can take a little bit of extra cotton from the cotton swab and put it into the toothpick . Just take it slow, clean it well and you are done.

Jewelries even though how pricey they are or how cheap it is, they have to be properly taken care of. There are different ways to clean a certain jewelry depending on the type that you have. Be aware of this different procedure on how to correctly do it because an improper way of doing so, can lead to damaging it instead.

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