Ideas From Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Trends

As long as celebrities exist, our fascination with them and what they are wearing continues. They are always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new styles. We love to see what is being worn by film stars to the Oscars or by models in runway shows. One can keep abreast of celebrity inspired jewelry trends by reading fashion magazines and fashion blogs.

The range of fashion pieces available today means that it is easy to experiment with some of these looks without having to spend a fortune. Affordable alternatives may look like the real thing but they often cost a fraction of the price. A truly trendy look can be created with bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings inspired by those worn by celebrities. These can instantly give an edge to an otherwise plain outfit.

A fashion trend often begins on the runway. For example, if a model is seen wearing an earring cuff, soon this look is seen all over. A recent runway show saw models wearing only one eye-catching earring and it will be interesting to see how long this trend takes to spread. At Hollywood events, celebrities pay special attention to the earrings they wear as they draw attention to the face. The ice cool shimmer of diamonds always dominates whether worn in the form of large diamond flower studs or sexy diamond drop earrings.

Cuffs for arms have become popular once again and are seen in many styles, from ethnic patterned ones to vintage laced silver. Stacking thin bangles is still popular but now these may be worn together with a cuff. The handcuff is another edgy accessory worn recently on the palms of some celebrities.

Necklaces worn by celebrities come in many different styles and colors. Layered necklaces are popular as are chunky chains made from gold links. These make a statement and are usually worn with simple outfits. A more classic look has been revived by wearing bib necklaces with button-up shirts. Necklaces with geometric shapes are worn to compliment edgy, modern garments.

Another innovative accessory worn by some celebrities is the combination ring and bracelet. The two items are joined together with a dainty chain. This accessory is an example of how conventional items can be used to create a completely new look. It is worth taking a good look at how celebrities combine accessories to get the best mileage out of them. These ideas can then be used when mixing and matching your own accessories.

There are many websites devoted to selling necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. This gives buyers the opportunity to compare all the latest fashions and prices before making a selection. The fact that many of the items are reasonably priced gives everyone the opportunity to be trendy, even on a limited budget.

Celebrities will always find new ways to wear jewelry to express their sense of style. They may juxtapose more vintage elements with modern pieces or combine items in unusual ways. They may take traditional items and give them a new twist. The trick is to take notice of these looks worn by celebrities but not to just follow them slavishly. It is important to always bear your own personality and style in mind.

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