Steps On Doing Oil Changes For The Car

There are a lot of responsibilities you have to do when you have cars. You have invested so much money on it so you should always provide the care and maintenance it needs. One of the things you should check all the time is the oil. This should be replaced at a certain period of time. Oil changes Cedar Park car owners do is really helpful.

You can do this on your own. You just have to make sure that you are doing it right so that you will not be spending money on fixing the damages. If ever you know someone who knows how it should be done, you can ask him to observe what you are doing. Ask him to correct you if what you did was wrong. The following paragraphs would indicate the instructions on how to change the oil of your car.

You should first drain the ones on its engine. A jack and a few stands is required for you to do it easily. It must be lifted up so it is essential to have those tools. Check if the brake is on to avoid any movements on it.

Heating it for a few minutes will help in draining. The oil would become warm so it would go down easily as you drain. It will be ready after you will be heating it for more or less three minutes. It would be better if you have its manual so you can check it in times that you are not sure of what to do.

Next, you have to remove its cap. Air would be coming in so it would be flowing out. This make things easier and faster on your part.

You have to know where the pan is located. This is made up of metal and is usually flat as it is placed near the engine. You know that it is correct when you have seen its plug or bolt in the bottom part. Remove the plug so it starts to drain. You could use some old newspapers in catching it.

You have to make sure you have a socket. Be sure that what you have is the right size for it. You also need to cut papers into a circular form so that you can catch the excess ones. The only problem on using papers is that you will have to change it avoid any spills. You can also use a metal washer if it is a hassle for you.

It will only consume a few minutes to make sure it is empty inside. It is best if you can wait for approximately fifteen minutes to make sure it is already empty. While waiting on it, use that time to finish other important tasks. When that time would pass, you may fill that with the new oil.

You have to follow the instructions if ever you would be doing this. It would cause damages to the engine if you have done it wrong. You should always think if you are capable enough on it. It is better to ask help when you think you could not make it yourself.

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