Accent Outfits With Rhinestone Earrings

Accessories are an important part of making any outfit take on the attitude one wishes to convey. A simple black dress can be perfect for a classy affair, appropriate for a funeral, a great look for the office or become the ultimate party attire all based on things like hair style, jewelry, shoes and scarves. Adding a pair of rhinestone earrings can make the whole ensemble complete.

This is an accessory that can be extremely versatile. Depending on size, design and color, they can be very simple and understated or they may become quite the showstoppers. Whether in the form of studs, hoops, dangles or a more unique design, this type of jewelry has been used throughout the ages to accentuate the ears.

Rhinestones are an integral part of many accessories. Some of them are so finely crafted that they can be made into a near perfect reproduction of practically any gemstone known to exist, or they may be fashioned into something completely unique. This level of versatility allows a jeweler more leeway in creative designs.

This type of stone can be made from several different materials including paste, plastic, glass and crystal. Each of the various mediums comes with its own set of pros and cons. Because of this versatile nature, there are products made in this style that are appropriate for people of all ages and tastes.

The most affordable products are made from acrylic plastic or gum paste and are of low quality. These are easily mass produced and normally reserved for casual crafting, children's accessories and other projects that do not call for realistic detail. There is no light refracting capability in either of these materials so they do not sparkle, though they are able to hold colors that are very vibrant.

At the middle of the scale in price, color, clarity and quality are the stones made from glass. They retain color well and are more resistant to breakage and scratches than acrylics and pastes, but the only way to get any kind of sparkle is to apply a backing of some metallic substance since the medium can not refract the light. This type is perfect for advanced crafting projects and costume jewelry.

At the top of the product line are the stones that are cut from actual lead crystals because of their ability to be crafted into something that looks so much like the real thing that most people can not tell the difference. One thing that makes them desirable is the fact that they do refract light and give off a radiant sparkle. Though they do cost a fair amount more than the other types of rhinestones, they allow people to have accessories that look like genuine gems at prices that are still affordable.

Regardless of the type of stone one prefers to use, the range of design possibilities is virtually endless. Whether the gems are used to accent another material or if they function as the focal point of the piece, they can easily bring an outfit together for a finished look. Because of the various substances used to create them, there are products that will fit most any budget, complement the full gamut of fashion preferences and satisfy even the most those with high quality expectations.

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