Get Customized Horse Hair Bracelets

Many people for special bonds with their animals and want to find some way to feel as if they are in constant contact. For many, this need is met through items such as screen printed tees, lockets with photos or special charms that represent a species, breed or favored pet. Admirers of equines often find that horse hair bracelets are a stylish way to show their devotion.

These fine pieces of jewelry are actually made from hairs cut directly from the animal, causing no pain at all. The strands are generally gathered from the tail because of their length, thickness and strength. For those who prefer it, there are other items that may be created using the shorter, finer strands from the mane.

Some businesses offer stock items made from product gathered from donor horses, making it possible for those who do not own an animal to still enjoy this type of accessory. These are immediately available for purchase and perfect for those who love equines or simply enjoy the look and feel of this type of jewelry. There are many styles and designs from which one may choose.

A large number of these wrist adornments are custom ordered by equestrian owners wanting to wear something made from their own beloved animals. These can be created from an animal that is still living or one that has recently passed away. Strands from multiple horses can be used in the same piece of jewelry.

Instruction for gathering the necessary materials are provided when one places a custom order. Basically, using the tail sections near the tailbone, ten inch long samples are taken from several areas and gathered together until the grouping is about as tick around as a pencil. Everything harvested is then bound in a rubber band and mailed to the address of the artist who will be building the creation.

Unless the bundle is absolutely filthy, most artist will request it not be washed prior to being mailed as they prefer to treat it with their own products for easy handling. The bundles are usually done in either three stranded braids, or four, depending on whether or not one is preferring a flattened or rounded result. The braided pieces are then twisted and bound in a number of possible configurations for a variety of looks.

To keep this configuration in place and the hairs from getting loose, many artists bind them together using brass or silver end caps with connecting chains and latches. To create their unique looks, various decorative items such as beads and baubles are added to the work. Many individuals choose to add sentimental items like engraved charms or photo drops just to further personalize the piece.

Many individuals wear these pieces as a way to keep a part of a much loved animal near to them everywhere they go. For some, it is a pleasant reminder of just how loving and gentle these creatures can be, providing loyalty, trust and friendship in their own special way. Whether custom made or purchased from stock, these unique bangles make beautiful accessories and heartfelt memorials.

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