The Role Of Gabrielle Fialkoff In Mayoral Celebration

When you think of Bill de Blasio and his industry of focus, the political world is obviously the first thing that comes to mind. Get this though - NYC's mayor also has firm ties to Gabrielle Fialkoff, a powerful jewelry magnate.

Fialkoff is COO of Haskell Jewels and handled inauguration duties for the city's new mayor. In a recent interview with Fashion Week Daily, she gave more details about the big event.

Ms. Fialkoff wanted the inauguration to reflect the open platform that the mayor ran on. No demographic would be excluded and it wouldn't be an event for the elite.

The event itself took place on January 1st, 2014. Tickets were available to all New Yorkers, a unique offering that hadn't been done in many years. All of this took place on the steps of City Hall.

On January 5th, the festivities continued. Fialkoff planned an open house celebration at Gracie Mansion. While the traditional mayoral home had been passed up by former Mayor Bloomberg, de Blasio has chosen to live there and invited 7,000 New Yorkers into his home. The event sold out in just three hours.

While Gabrielle is firmly rooted in the fashion world, she has historical roots in politics, having raised funds in the past. Their history spans a couple of decades as a result, including some support during his run for city council in 2001.

She also helped Hillary Clinton during her run for Senate before deciding to shift her focus to Haskell, a family business with great growth prospects.

In her interview, Fialkoff spoke glowingly about the execution of these two celebrations. They were everything she had hoped for.

All in all, the event was very well received by all who attended and the rest of the city. The new mayorship set off on a terrific note thanks to such a well planned event.

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