How To Keep Your Rhinestone Chokers Sparkling All The Time

Rhinestone chokers are some of the most important accessories out there. Whether they are worn to make formal attires look more appealing or create added drama when paired with costumes, they can make women complete standouts. No matter where those who are wearing them go, it's for certain that these items will sparkle and cause a lot of heads to turn.

Just because your prized possessions are sparkling now doesn't mean they will still do so tomorrow. Rhinestones and the metal parts of accessories can collect dirt and grime. What's more, those ornaments that look like precious gems may end up loose. If you don't treat these items in the right way, you may not fully make the most out of your investments.

Keep your chokers from getting into contact with each other. Hard and sharp objects can easily leave rhinestones scratched permanently. Further, keeping multiple pieces together in a single storage space may cause the dangling parts to get tangled up. It's recommendable for you to purchase a jewelry organizer with numerous compartments, each one lined with a soft material like felt. Placing each piece in its own soft pouch is a good idea when you need to take them on the go.

It's a good idea to clean the rhinestones as well as the metal sections with a lint-free cloth after they are used. Women should not do this only when the time comes that they realize their accessories are covered in dust and oils. After wearing, it's good practice for these accessories to be cleaned and polished before being placed back to their proper storage areas.

There are times when wiping with a soft cloth won't do the trick. When this issue is encountered, never attempt to soak the item in a jewelry cleaning solution that you can easily purchase on the market. Necklaces with rhinestones are not like the ones used on a regular basis. It's for this reason why they require an entirely different way to be cleaned and polished.

Putting a little amount of rubbing alcohol or window cleaner on the cloth may be done to help bring back the lost sparkle of those rhinestones. Using a soaking wet cloth is a terrible idea as liquid can ruin the foil backing of rhinestones. To ensure that no rubbing alcohol or window cleaner remains, the choker may be placed face down on a kitchen towel for hours.

A toothbrush made for babies may be used to remove dirt on the metal parts. The soft bristles won't cause the rhinestones to end up scratched. Some of these accessories are silver plated and are susceptible to tarnishing. Whenever their owners notice that the surface is starting to look dull, they may use an anti-tarnish polishing cloth to restore the shine.

Make it a habit to wear rhinestone chokers only after you have applied your hairspray, lotion, deodorant, perfume and others. Some of the chemicals in these cosmetics may leave your accessories shining less and even damaged. Remember to remove them first to save them from rubbing against zippers, buttons and other hard or metal parts of your clothes.

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