Helpful Tips On Buying Gold Necklaces

Just like any purchases, several factors need to be considered when you buy gold necklaces. Considering these things before a purchase ensures that you can buy the best piece that you prefer. Also, you get the assurance that you can find the best available.

One thing to check and consider is whether the necklace is solid or just plated gold. While plated gold is much cheaper, it is subject to the wearing off of the plating after some time and may require replating in order to restore its color. That being said, solid jewelries are more durable options.

There are hollow jewelries, too These pieces are cheaper and much lighter compared to the solid pieces. However, it could have potential problems including its vulnerability to breakage or dents. These pieces needs extra care when worn.

One should also select the karat value that fits his needs in selecting which karat to choose. As a general rule, the purer the gold, the lesser its durability. If to be used daily, the preferred karat value is 10 to 14 karat since the higher presence of other metal element makes the piece more durable. But some people are allergic to nickel, which is oftentimes used for the alloys. For these people, a higher karat value of 18 and above is recommended. Also, they may purchase nickel free pieces that are now available.

The jewelery are available in different link type. The type of straps also impact the overall strength of the jewelery and its vulnerability to twists and breakage. Omega and herringbone chains among other flat chains are more prone to breakage and twisting. Aside from the type of link, it is equally important to consider how thick the link is, especially if the piece includes a pendant which gives additional weight for the necklace to handle. Among the best link types are box and anchor chains.

The clasp of the piece also needs careful attention. Check if the clasp closes well and does not easily break. While spring loaded clasp is also available, the solid lobster clasp is oftentimes preferred.

The last thing to consider is the extent of the piece. There is the short choker length that simply emphasizes the neckline, while the princess length is hung over the collar bone. Meanwhile, the opera length that needs to be worn over the blouse or dess. The last one has dramatic length.

Never forget to check the surface quality of the jewelry piece that you have selected, too. It must be smooth enough so that it does not rile the skin even after wearing it for long hours or catch on one's clothes. A simple way to test is to run your finger through the entire length of it.

Whether to be used as a gift or for personal use, choosing the right gold necklaces is sure to give whoever wears it added style and class. Always remember these tips when buying your jewelry piece. This gives you the assurance that you get to buy the best one for you.

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