Spirit of adventure

One of the oldest Swiss watch brands, Enicar, which was first established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, now retails in five continents and has a strong presence in Asia.

At present, the brand has about 300 collections of mechanical and quartz watches. But it is its reputation as one of the top 10 Swiss manufacturers of automatic watches that are COSC-certified (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, the official Swiss chronometer testing institute) that the company is most proud of.

Its new novelties this year include several stylish stainless steel self-winding automatic timepieces.

Notable among them is the Reference CH128, a 27.5mm ladies' model. With diamonds as hour markers on the mother-of-pearl dial and a rose gold PVD bezel, the brand is hoping this watch will become a best-seller among its female customers.

The CH325, meanwhile, is a 41mm COSC-certified chronometer with similar features, while the CH327 is even bigger, at 42.7mm.

This chronometer, which is also officially certified, comes with a date window, a second inner-ring 24-hour time zone, and luminous hour markers.

Like many of Enicar's models, the metal bracelets on these watches can be easily changed to a leather strap.

Among its hero products, Enicar presents the CH331 from their premium Art of Royals collection, which is inspired by explorers and their passion for travel and discovery.

The CH331 comes with an oversized 43mm dial and a checked wristband. The stainless steel case features a distinctive patterned white dial with Roman numerals and nine diamonds.

The brand has chosen Chinese actor and director Zhang Hanyu to be its ambassador. Zhang likens the CH331 "to a loyal companion when one is on the road".

"Maps are good references, but they are merely indicators devoid of the spirit of an explorer. Great travellers who explore for fulfilment have the inexhaustible vigour and curiosity to search for new places which are not indicated on maps," he says. "It is more about the experience of walking the path; that's what matters most. And to share the journey with a reliable companion makes it even more memorable."

Other models that Enicar is highlighting include the CH328, a 43mm diver's watch chronograph that is water resistant to 200 metres; the 44mm COSC-certified CH333 automatic watch with a day-date that comes in either rose gold or black PVD plating; and the CH351 automatic, which is now available in rose gold for both men and women. The men's model features a wavy-patterned dial and a day-date.

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