Taking A Look At Making Rosary Beads From Flowers

Many people save the flowers from a memorable occasion such as a birth, wedding, or even a funeral. Typically the flowers are dried or pressed to preserve them. A very unique way to preserve the petals is to make rosary beads from flowers. A perfect keepsake or heirloom to pass down to children and grandchildren is prayer beads made from flower petals.

There are a few ways of making the bead. Usually the petals are boiled and then mixed with different ingredients to form polymer d ceramic clay. First the petals are dried, chopped, and ground up. Then boiled and worked into a clay. Each bead is rolled by hand, left unglazed, and fired by kiln. The bead created with the petals is a strong e product that makes a wonderful way to preserve a memory for years to come.

Even though flower fragments are not visible, you will notice irregularities in the surface that are evidence of the petals. A ceramic bead has a matte finish, never glazed, and the color pastel. A polymer bead is smooth, polished looking, and has a deeper color. In the polymer bead flower particles are easily seen.

A ceramic bead feels like a pebble that has been worn by the water in a stream and has a slightly rough surface. On the contrary, a polymer bead feels velvety smooth. Both types of bead are very strong and will not break unless purposely struck with a hammer or other similar object. Regular wear will not cause damage and they can even old up to the washing machine.

A ceramic bead is similar to a tiny stone and a polymer has some flexibility. Once the ceramic bead is put through the kiln it will last a lifetime. With the polymer bead, the number of years it will last is unknown. It is believed that the material used to make it will ensure at least a several hundred years but its color can fade.

The beads do not naturally smell like the petals they are made from. Fragrance can be added to the bead using oils. This is an added feature that is done on request. Periodically you may need to add more fragrance to the prayer beads. You can purchase the fragrant oils at craft stores. You can also store the beads with a scented sachet to keep it fragrant.

The cost will vary depending on the type of metal you choose. You have your choice of silver plated, gold plated, sterling silver, gold filled, and 14kt gold for the metal parts of the rosary. If you plan to carry them in a pocket or purse it is best to avoid the plated or filled metals since the finish will wear off.

Prayer beads made from flower petals is a great way of honoring any memory. What a wonderful and different way of memorializing the death of a loved one, a wedding, or the birth of a child. The beads will last for years and make the perfect family heirloom.

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