Buying The Best Contemporary Wire Wrapped Jewelry

For centuries different cultures have been creating jewelry by using the technique of wire-wrapping. In ancient times soldering was not an option and they had to find other ways to connect components to make these items. Today many designers and consumers are tired of mass produced items. Designers are creating ranges of contemporary wire wrapped jewelry, make their designs by hand instead of using machines.

This art form offers designers an affordable way to make the pieces they really want to make and that reflect their individual style. They are able to make a living from the pieces they design and make by using online websites to sell their products worldwide. The buyer has the option of browsing online to find pieces that truly reflect their own personal style. Each handmade piece is different. The materials chosen vary and they come in all sizes, colors and shapes.

It was the ancient Egyptians who first made wire. They pounded metal into sheets and then sliced it into strips. Today it comes in many different shapes, patterns and thicknesses. It may be square round, triangle or oval shaped. It may be flat or twisted. Even the materials used to make it are varied and include brass and copper which are both easy to shape. Stirling silver is one of the most popular choices for many designers.

Most artists experiment with different types to create their unusual, truly contemporary designs. Some wires are more appropriate than others for a particular design. Gauge numbers reflect its diameter and the thicker it is, the lower the gauge number. The thinnest gauge is as thin as a human hair. The heavier gauges are usually more appropriate for making heavier items like cuff bracelets, chokers and bangles.

The techniques used by designers also vary. All of these techniques involve joining components mechanically without soldering or heat and only simple tools are required. Custom components like clasps, bezels, eye pins and ear wires are created and the quality of these hand-made components gives the finished product its strength. On occasion ready made components called findings may be used.

Cold connection techniques include those such as riveting and coiling. Sometimes different techniques are combined to create interesting, many layered designs. Many designers find the challenge of making pieces without heat endlessly fascinating and they are constantly experimenting and trying out new ways to combine the different elements to create cutting edge designs.

If one is looking for an interesting and unusual gift, these pieces provide the answer. One can be chosen to express the personality of the person receiving the gift. This person will be able to wear it with the confidence that it is different from what anyone else is wearing.

The fact that continuing success for these designers selling their products online depends on customer satisfaction means that they are prepared to go the extra mile. Many of them offer the option of customization. They also make sure that their policies with regard to shipping, returns and exchanges are favorable to the customer.

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