The Many Benefits Of Hand Knotted Jewelry

The stringing of beads to produce items of jewelry can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Some of these ways produce higher quality pieces than others. Hand knotted jewelry requires a particular skill and these pieces offer a number of advantages over mass produced items. These pieces are available from many different sources, including online stores. If shopping online, make sure that a reliable supplier is selected.

If you are looking for originality, items made in this manner fit the bill. Each piece is made by hand and not mass produced. This means that there are subtle differences in shape, color and texture. You can be sure that the piece you are buying is quite unique and fits your style and personality too.

The technique of knotting requires some practice to master. Knots are made between beads and this can be done in different ways to create unique effects. Sometimes double knots are made and even triple knots to create the effect of a decorative motif between the other elements used. The softness of the thread or cord used adds yet another layer to the design, giving a contrasting softness against the harder elements used.

Many different materials can be used for knotting from waxed cord, silk and nylon thread to hemp. The material is carefully selected to compliment the other elements of the design. Silk thread is popular for more elegant items like pearl necklaces. It threads easily, has a sheen and allows strings to flow and move beautifully. A material like hemp may be chosen for a more ethnic style bracelet.

The choice of color is another important consideration. With the great variety of colors available for purchase, it is not that difficult to make a precise match with the other elements to give a uniform, elegant finish. However, sometimes color will be deliberately chosen to contrast rather than compliment thus adding interest to the design.

Another advantage of knotting is that it creates space between the materials being strung. This is particularly helpful with materials like beads as they are softer than stones. It prevents them from rubbing together which can cause scratching. It also means that if a string breaks, the beads do not scatter all over and get lost.

When making the knots, the thickness of the material used has to be carefully considered. A material that is too thick will spoil the appearance of a piece. All the elements of a piece need to be in balance. If the material is too thin, this is just as much of a problem as the knots will not serve their purpose.

This technique is used to give an extra finish to the appearance of a piece and to add certain practical advantages. This makes such items special and they are great to give as gifts. There are a wide variety of designs available from different sources. This enables you to find a piece that you feel perfectly compliments the style of the person, whether this is classic, modern, vintage or ethnic.

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