Purchasing Recycled Metal Engagement Rings

There is a transformation in thinking taking place when it comes to rings. Trends are being driven by a desire for something different and a growing commitment to taking care of our world. Recycled metal engagement rings are becoming the item of choice by those who do not feel right about choosing a symbol of love and commitment that has been created by causing human and environmental damage that lasts for generations.

As the demand for such items increases, so the range of choices grows. There are a number of jewelers who are also increasingly moving towards more ethical, sustainable practices in the jewelry industry. They are committed to sourcing different metals that have already been used as well as stones that are either created in a laboratory or sourced according to fair trade principles.

There are no laws regarding re-using of metals in the jewelry industry. This leaves a door open for false claims to be made and it is up to the consumer to make sure they do not fall for false marketing. Reputable companies will be willing to offer proof of their claims. Some offer certification by a third party that the materials they use are post-consumer recycled materials.

An awareness of the fact that 20 tons of ore are required to produce just one gold ring, is often convincing enough for individuals to make a switch. There is an increasing desire to opt for recycled materials so as to reduce the demand for newly mined ones. Sources of materials used for these items consists of existing jewelry, industrial-use metals and even electronic components.

These metals are reclaimed and then returned to their former state. There is no difference at all between these reclaimed metals and the newly mined ones. This means that there is no sacrifice of quality or durability when purchasing items made from them. Some metals that offer the required durability for such a ring that is worn consistently for many years are platinum, palladium and yellow gold.

The use of stones is also moving away from the traditional white diamond. In part, this is largely due to an increasing awareness of human rights violations incurred in obtaining diamonds. Fortunately, the option now exists of using conflict-free diamonds or steering away from them altogether with non-traditional stones.

A substance which has become a good alternative to a diamond is Moissanite. This substance is created in laboratories and it is almost as hard as diamond, comes in various colors and sparkles beautifully. Other stones can also be created in laboratories or sourced ethically like sapphires, rubies and amethysts.

Those who feel that it is not right to have rings symbolizing a lifetime of love created by causing human and environmental damage, now have a wide selection of choices. Many online stores today offer a range of beautiful items. It is also possible to have a one-of-a-kind piece created, bringing your particular vision to life.

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