Wear High Quality Rhinestone Tiaras

Dressing up can be a lot of fun and many times, it is one's choice in accessories that makes an outfit truly outstanding. Selecting the right style of necklace, or the perfect earring design and complementary bracelet can take a simple black dress to a classy ensemble in a snap. Some classic options for upscale couture are pendants, brooches and even simple and elegant rhinestone tiaras.

Gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are all popular materials for beautiful jewelry and accessories. Their sparkle and shine are among the most impressive of all metals and stones. However, they are all quite costly which prevents many people from having a great number of pieces made from these substances in their collections.

While plating is an acceptable substitute for the the pure metals, artificial gems come in many styles and varying qualities. Some of the more common replacement materials for the stones are plastic, glass, paste and crystal. The level of clarity, color and shine will all depend on several different factors attributed to each of the mediums.

Rhinestones, as the imitation gems are known, come in many materials, sizes, shapes, colors and qualities. Some are very inexpensive and simply resemble colored stones and are mostly used in cheap costume jewelry. Others are so well made that it often takes an expert to distinguish them from the precious jewels they are assimilating, but the replicas are much more affordable.

Those on the lower end of the spectrum are mostly made from paste and plastic. These are very inexpensive materials which makes them great for children's accessories and general costuming needs. Because neither material is refractive, the downside is that artificial gems at this level do not have any real sparkle, though the colors may be quite vibrant.

Mid range products are often made using shaped glass as their medium. Color takes to this material readily, resulting in beautiful hues, and with a good cut and a metal backing, a decent sparkle may be achieved. These are perhaps the most frequently used in everyday accessories such as hair pins, earrings, bracelets and charms as well as crafting projects.

At the high end of the spectrum are the ultimate in fabricated jewels, featuring exceptional clarity and quality. These are made from fine lead crystal which can be colored and cut to such near perfection that even some experts have difficulty telling they are not real without special examinations. This type, especially those made by the Swarovski company, can be rather pricey because of their close replication of actual gems.

Depending on budget, taste and occasion, there are plenty of options available when wanting to purchase fabricated gemstone jewelry. All types of accessories including bangles, baubles, purses, hair clips and more, can be found featuring rhinestones of one type or another. These items are an affordable way to make the impact and get the beauty of genuine diamonds, rubies, sapphires and others without the worry or the expensive price tag of genuine gem stones.

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