Many Reasons To Buy Hand Knotted Jewelry

Stringing beads is a basic technique for making necklaces, bracelets and other items. There are many different ways of stringing, using different types of thread, beads and techniques. Skill is required to do this and the quality of workmanship found in hand knotted jewelry can vary, depending on the person making the item. The best pieces are well worth purchasing, making a welcome addition to your collection that will last for many years.

Jewelry is a very personal item that reflects the style and character of the person wearing it. Hand knotting a piece may result in subtle differences in size, color and shape to any other piece. This adds to its appeal as it is not a mass produced article with no personality. Wearing an original piece like this can help to give a boost of confidence on a special occasion.

Today there are many online suppliers offering these items, making it simple to compare prices and styles. Both prices and styles vary considerably so there is something to suit everyone. If your style is more vintage or classic, you may decide to go for a lovely pearl necklace. If your style is more Bohemian, there are also plenty of options available, including intricately knotted cord bracelets with large, jade beads.

When looking for gifts, it is important to take the style of person you are buying for into consideration and not just select what you like. Be observant and make sure you check what items are preferred, whether gold or silver, large Bohemian pieces or vintage items. You can select a quality piece that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Silk thread is most frequently used when using a knotting technique for soft, organic beads. Beads like coral, natural turquoise and pearls benefit because the knots serve to keep them from rubbing together and becoming scratched. Once they are scratched or damaged in any way, dirt is attracted, making the problem even more noticeable.

Pearl necklaces particularly benefit from using silk thread for knotting as it gives them more flow. The thread used can be chosen to contrast with the color of the beads or it can be chosen to match perfectly. The creator will make a decision that suits the piece best aesthetically.

Choosing the right kind of thread to use is vital to the final effect of the piece. Cord, nylon and silk are just some of the options available. If the knots appear clumsy or too large in relation to the beads, the piece is flawed. One of the greatest advantages of using knots is that if a strand does break, the beads do not scatter as only one bead is affected.

It takes skill and experience to make these items. When choosing to buy online, it is essential to select a supplier who has a good track record. Reading reviews written by customers is a good move in helping you to make a decision. A piece like this is not only beautiful to look at but it should be made to the highest standard, offering protection for soft beads and great durability.

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