Must Read Before Buying Wholesale Costume Jewelry

People have been trying to buy reproduce jewelries molded from vintage items. The trend have been increasing due to mass production and massive sales contributed by different shops in the country. Often, these jewelries are copied from certain brands in different styles and designs.

You will be able to identify if it is a wholesale costume jewelry just by carefully looking at its size alone. Many of these items are manufactured larger than their original counterparts due to their bigger molders. A good way of finding out the difference is to have an accurate guide or an expert reference. An opinion from a someone who study on this field is also a good reference.

Apart from its size, the treatment thickness is also one identification factor for reproduced copies. These will have monotone colors with no softer shading looking like a low end item as people say. These often are gilded in bronze, vermillion, and silver and mostly made of plastic material.

Another thing you must know if you are meticulous in choosing a costume jewelry is to look at the company mark. The marking could change yearly depending on the company so if you compare a recently created original you might find them very different. Being updated on about the company can also help you with identifying such.

These differentiating characteristics are obvious because originals are handmade and reproduced copies are mass produced. In addition, the mountings can also be one thing that would separate an original from a copied version. The mounting on reproduced versions are usually casted while originals have mountings which are soldered altogether into one piece.

This is the reason why most mass manufactured versions often have tighter appearance while the latter have lighter looks. Probably, the former are manufactured with mountings that has little space in between. Moreover, if you can examine the prongs of the item that you have right now, you will either observe it is thinly or thickly created.

For comparison, thin prongs would likely indicated that it is an original and it is created to let the stones be noticed. Thicker prongs on the other hand would mean it is reproduced and it is created such way to secure the stones in its mounting. This is quite illogical according to experts because the main purpose a jewelry is to show off its beauty not to hide it.

Furthermore, prongs of reproduced jewelries are mostly left unbent for faster and easier production. Gluing it directly would be easier for manufacturers to do than to bent prongs manually like what originals have. If you try to examine an antique costume jewelry you can observe that it has bent prongs and this is to hold the stones firmly in its place.

In the end, if you like to purchase on a wholesale store you must decide if you want to buy and original or the mass produced version. There is a difference with quality, which is true, and the price could also differ as well. However, what matters most is that you recognize you are spending for something truthful. If you are buying mass manufactured then you should be paying for the price of it rather than paying for the opposite.

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