Making Crystal Beaded Jewelry Pieces Sparkle For A Very Long Time

Crystals can make your literally sparkle no matter the occasion, garment or mood. It's very important that you take good care of fashion accessories sporting these glittery ornaments so that they can make you look pretty and stylish for a very long time. Luckily, it's really not that challenging to keep your various crystal beaded jewelry pieces in an excellent condition.

It's generally a good idea to get yourself an organizer with compartments especially if you already own so many of these stunning accessories. Placing them in their own designated areas saves the crystals from potentially ending up chipped or scratched. When shopping for an organizer, see to it that the interiors are lined with a soft material such as felt.

In case you feel that it's not yet time to get a good quality organizer as you don't have too many fashion accessories, simply keep them in the boxes that they were in when you bought them. You may also stash them in their own pouches out of soft fabric like cotton or velvet. Especially if they have silver parts, storing them in resealable plastic bags help delay tarnishing.

Remember not to leave these precious items under the scorching sun or adjacent to appliances that give off heat. Look for a dry and cool area inside your room because that's the best spot for them. Too much moisture in the air is bad for the metal parts, most especially silver ones. To keep unnecessary tarnishing at bay, stash a bag or two of silica gel in the storage area.

Make sure that you put on your chosen crystal beaded accessories for the day only after you are through applying your cosmetic products. Chemicals in hairspray, deodorant, perfume, lotion and others may leave those crystals looking dull when they come into contact with them. Keeping your fashion accessories untouched by harsh substances can help in prolonging their beauty.

Before hitting the sack, always remove your prized possessions. Leave them in their proper storage places when you are cleaning the house to save them from coming into contact with household cleaners that usually contain bleach, ammonia and other strong chemicals. Definitely, you should not wear them when taking a shower or swimming in the pool or ocean.

When it's time to bring them back to their organizer or separate resealable plastic bags, use a soft lint-free cloth to remove oils and dirt that the crystals may have picked up. Don't try to speed up this process by placing rubbing alcohol, window cleaner or any other harsh solvent on the rag as they will only make your fashion accessories look dreadful instead of sparkly.

If you feel that a simple wiping won't be enough because there are lots of grease or stains on the surface, it's a good idea to use baby wipes on them. If they are perfectly fine to be used on the sensitive skin of babies, it's for sure that they are suited for cleaning your prized possessions. Wipe your accessories with tissue paper afterwards to remove the remaining solution.

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