Why Choose Alex Velvet USA

One of the best known names to trade show vendors is Alex Velvet USA. This is the go to company for booth construction and rental for any company who participates in these functions in a sales capacity. The vendor company can contact them and give the specifications desired for the booth and it will be built and set up prior to the show.

The proprietor of this business opened his doors forty years ago and eventually brought his son in as a partner. The corporate offices have ten full time employees who work out of a large warehouse in Chicago and another newer location in Las Vegas. They offer one of the most comprehensive packages of rental displays in the industry.

The advantages of using this service are numerous and cost effectiveness is just one of them. You can rent these structures on a long term basis and be assured that they will be in perfect condition each time you use them. They will be delivered to the site of your show and constructed in time for you to lay out your goods and information with time to spare.

This company contracts to create your booth as well as put it up and disassemble it at the end of the show. They then store it in their warehouse until you need it again. While in warehouse they make any needed repairs to the structure and ready it for its next use. These services are included in the cost of the rental and have no further costs to your company.

When the contract is written it is inclusive of all expenses that may be incurred during its life. The original designs, materials and labor are calculated and these prices do not change regardless of circumstance. Owning and maintaining your private exhibition booth is a costly enterprise. Freight, setup and maintenance can be a reoccurring nightmare for your company budget when preparing for one of these shows. Add to those costs design and storage and you may have spent a fortune.

Modification of your design and updating is as simple as a telephone call to Alex Displays with instructions for what is changing. They will help you with the layout and provide you with drawings or pictures of your new look for approval. Any charges for alterations are determined by calculating time and materials used.

One of your priorities may be the size of your display booth as well as its location in an exhibit hall. While they cannot help with the location the size can be larger because the costs of the actual booth are lower. These savings can give you an advantage on size as well as the creative aspects of your design.

There are other companies who offer this service but none have the reputation of Alex Velvet USA. Their clients write rave reviews about them and speak of the inadequate service received from other companies they have dealt with. When looking for a company that will put your needs and wants first you may do well to look into this one.

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