How To Make A Hand Knotted Jewelry

Jewelries are ornaments worn on the body to make it look less plain or practically more attractive. Examples of these are the necklace, bracelet, earring, anklet, and ring. The origin of these things dates back from the primitive times. If you see a picture of your ancestors, you will see them wearing alot from head to foot that is because primitives wear them more like a clothing rather than an accessory as we treat them nowadays.

In the old times, jewels are not just belongings or things that express art. They have different uses as well. Some are for fixing the hair. Others are serve as a part of the clothing. In some tribes, people who wear a lot of accessories are those with position or authority like rajahs. While there are also people who believe that their accessories will protect them from harm. If you search pictures of these ornaments in the net or in books, they are actually hand knotted jewelry.

If you have seen films about the culture of American Indians, you will see that they have a lot of ornaments attached to their bodies. You can even see some with piercings all over their body and they consider it an art. Piercings are still common today, but only a few people or cultures have it because of the negative impression it portrays nowadays. The most catching however, are their dangling necklaces and bangles.

Those necklaces are hand knotted and they make them for themselves. Hand knotting jewelries is a common activity before. Regardless of whether they are a male or a female, people knew how to do it. Because of this, hand knotting has become a past time.

In time, these ornaments became of great importance to people because they are considered very personal. Some give it as gifts to their close friends or loved ones. To them a personally made thing is very valuable and holds the memories of the person who gave it. This is very common when a person has to leave and wants to give something as a remembrance.

This resulted to people wanting to know how to do the craft themselves. More than just practice, it actually requires skill in order to master. But it is easy to learn and with time, you will be able to to it perfectly fine. All you have to do is know the basics and everything will follow.

But before doing it, you should have the necessary materials to get started. Before, it has purely been the work of the hands, but now it requires a few other materials. This is so that you can produce a quality output. Have a pair of tweezers or pliers beside you. And of course, do not forget your cord and the beads. Make sure your beads have holes at the center so you can string them together.

One more thing. Be attentive when doing this. Some designs include small beads and they usually fall if not carefully handled. This will cause hassle while working because you have to pick them up so that you will not meet any accident by stepping on it and falling.

So these are the steps in doing the craft. Insert the bead into the thread. Secure it in place while winding the thread around to do the knot. Now to make sure that the knot firmly holds the bead in place, use the tweezers. Carefully tighten the knot beside the bead to prevent it from running back and forth. And then just repeat the same process until you are done with your accessory.

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