Handmade African Bead Jewelry Items Possess Charm Like No Other

Some of the most eye-catching and interesting fashion accessories on the planet come from Africa or inspired by the rich cultures of the large continent's regions and tribes. It's for this reason why putting on African bead jewelry pieces can make you a standout instantly. Colorful and handmade, your jewelry box is never complete without the presence of these items.

There are so many things that make these personal ornaments completely different from the rest. From the colors added, patterns created to the materials used, everything about them is undeniably one of a kind. The fact that they are handmade only makes them even more precious and desirable. One look is enough for anyone to see that these accessories are like no other.

Many of them feature stately designs. This doesn't really come as a surprise because they are often used as status symbols back in Africa. Everyone there can say so much about another person just by taking a look at the personal ornaments he or she is wearing. Men and women on other parts of the planet use these items as fashion accessories to highlight their style, mood and personality.

You may regard these personal ornaments as a cross between costume jewelry pieces and accessories intended for special occasions. Some designs are so elaborate that many jaws may drop once you enter the room wearing any one of them. There are also much simpler designs perfect for everyday wear, the kinds that may be paired with basic clothes needing a dash of drama.

The beads added into these personal ornaments are varied. Each piece is so special because it is made up of stories, including those that come from thousands of years in the past. Because the beads are all handmade, every fashion accessory featuring them becomes so unique. No two people can own exactly the same bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, anklets or rings.

The beads used are usually organic. In the past, locals of Africa used items they could find in nature to come up with personal ornaments. Such is still being practiced these days. When shopping, you are likely to encounter handmade beads out of materials such as shells, corals, seeds, woods, stones, amber, and even the bones, hair and teeth of wild animals.

Some beads may also be out of certain metals such as gold, copper and brass. Whether the beads used are made of metals or organic materials, the fact remains that these fashion accessories are some of the most interesting selections you can find. Because each piece is handmade, you can be sure that the item is special and valuable in so many ways.

Many fashion accessories boasting of African beads are unisex, capable of being enjoyed by stylish men and women equally. There are also selections suited for a particular gender only. Regardless of the case, majority of these personal ornaments are vibrantly colored so they will surely catch a lot of attention. With designs ranging from the elaborate to the simple, there is something to wear no matter if you are about to attend someone's wedding, go on a romantic date or have coffee with your best friends.

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