Beware Of Wearing Monogram Necklace Pendants

Most every day on the news we hear about people becoming victims of abuse, fraud, kidnapping, and other crimes. The perpetrators of these acts find a way to insinuate themselves into the personal sphere of another for the sole purpose of victimizing them. They will use any little bit of information they can glean in order to accomplish this, and wearing monogram necklace pendants can provide them with just the opportunity they seek.

Such a pendant will generally reveal the initials of an person, and it is not a stretch for someone to figure out a name from that small bit of information. Adding to the problem is the fact that women are the primary ones you would expect to see wearing such jewelry. Even more chilling are the numbers of little girls who are often seen adorned in such a way.

Many women take it a bit further and will wear their whole name around their necks. Now, think of a teenager with such an item proudly displayed, coupled with her softball team jersey from last year that clearly shows her last name. That teenager is now easily stalked, especially if her name is unique.

Pre-teens frequently are in public with adult supervision at a greater distance than ever before. A parent or guardian might yell out their name across that distance, giving any careful observers the opportunity to identify which child has that name by comparing it to the letters around their neck. Such a child, being inexperienced with just how manipulative a dangerous stranger can be, might be convinced to leave with someone and vanish.

The younger the child, the easier it is to get someone to give them a name to go along with their necklace. Exchanging names is a mind trick designed to disarm the person emotionally and make it easier for you to get information out of them. When one creates a rapport with another, even if it is for only a moment, then they are instantly vulnerable to what the other person intends for them.

Even adults can be manipulated in this way, as we have a tendency to relax more when on a first-name basis with someone. Once certain boundaries have been lowered, it makes it much easier for an attacker to get a perfect opportunity to make their move. Even street-smart ladies tend to relax into a conversation when they are being called by their name.

For the past two decades young men of all races have been obsessed with wearing necklaces with their initials on them in flashy stones and gold. Anyone of any gender who gives out too much information can find themselves being the victim of a crime of opportunity. It is important to remain vigilant when it comes to sharing personal details, including something as seemingly innocuous as a first name.

Such a pendant might also reveal things such as what church or school a person attends, and what organizations they are a part of. A vast majority of kidnap victims are found to have been under observation by their attacker for a period of time. Predators can use even the most random bit of information in order to gain access to the more vulnerable individuals within society.

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