Making Sure Your Pearl And Gemstone Jewelry Items Stay Sparkling For Years

Fine pieces of jewelry require a lot of love and care. After all, they are some of the most expensive personal ornaments on the planet. Proper cleaning and storing allow these items to last for years and even generations. You certainly want all of your elegant pearl and gemstone jewelry items to add sparkle to your attire for as long as you want to look and feel beautiful.

Sparkling and timeless, you can depend on these personal ornaments each time you want a boost in appearance and confidence. Ensuring that they are in their best possible shape is the secret to winning admiring stares and remarks from everyone around you. Otherwise, fashion accessories whose pearls and gems no longer shine like they should may fail to make you look your best.

Your fashion accessories that boast of stunning pearls and gems need sufficient caring and protection from anything that can ruin them. By providing all of their needs, you can enjoy your pricey investments for years. It is possible to make them last for a lifetime. In fact, these premium fashion must-haves can even be handed from generation to generation.

When not being worn, it's important for them to be stashed in the boxes they came in when they were purchased. If they are no longer around, place your personal ornaments separately in pouches out of soft fabric such as cotton and velvet. Do not place pearls and gemstones right next to one another. Buy an organizer with a lot of compartments, each one lined with felt.

Never leave these personal ornaments right next to any home appliance that gives off heat. Similarly, they should be kept away from direct sunlight and really hot places. Items with silver parts should be stashed in areas that are cool and dry to ward off the formation of tarnish on the metal surfaces. You may try placing anti-tarnish strips inside your jewelry organizer to delay the process of tarnishing.

Regular wearing can cause them to collect dust and oils which can keep them from adding sparkle to your clothes. That is why you should occasionally clean the surfaces with a soft and dry cloth to maintain the beautiful luster of your fashion accessories. Stubborn dirt on gemstones may be removed by gently brushing them with a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in warm water with mild detergent. Ensure that you thoroughly dry them afterwards. These steps should not be done on those delicate pearls of yours.

The best time to put on these premium fashion accessories is right after being fully clothed. Similarly, you should start accessorizing only after you have applied your favorite perfume, deodorant, hairspray and body lotions. Doing so helps save those glittery pearls and gems from being ruined by harsh chemicals found in your everyday cosmetic products.

Fashion accessories adorned with pearls and gemstones should be taken to a jeweler from time to time. Such is necessary for cleaning, maintenance and repair. Experts in fine jewelry pieces suggest that this should be done at least once every six months.

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